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6 Month Old Border Collie: Weight, Size, Food & More

A six month old puppy is almost an adult. Which is why you need to know about them in more details.

6 month old border collie size: How big should a 6 month old border collie be?

The average sized border collie will be a little less than 18 inches during their 6 months age. An adult border collie is around 18 to 22 inches. And by six months, the puppies are a little short of their full size. The dog is a medium sized dog. And by the age of six months they grow up.

As a medium sized dog, the border collie dog will grow up to 22 inches. They usually do not g beyond 18 to 22 inches, even as adult dogs. But that does not mean they are smaller when they are puppies. By six months of age a border collie reaches around 18 inches.

The puppy, six month old border collie, will grow a little less than 18 inches. And after they hit their adulthood, they can grow up to 22 inches. This is their full length for most natural cases. Which is why the dog is known as medium sized dog.

During their six months old period, the dog will grow almost up to their full length. The pups will be almost 18 inches by six months of age. And they grow a little more afterwards, but that growth is very slow. They take good time to reach their full length.

6 month old border collie weight: How much should a 6 month old border collie weigh?

Though it is common for the weight of each puppy to be different than each other, the average weight of a six month old border collie is around, and more than, 20 pounds. The weight can vary according to the gender of the puppies as well. This breed of dog grows fast, so does their weight.

The weight of a puppy depends on what it eats and how much exercise it gets. There is no definite scale of weight fir a six month old dog. However, there is usually a measurement range based on the type and gender of the dog. And for border collies, the range is around 20 pounds.

Male border collie puppies can weigh between 20 pounds to 25 pounds at the age of six months. Whereas female border collies puppies will be around 18 to 22 pounds at the same age. The weight does vary and is not absolute for all the pups.

It can’t be determined that all the border collies around six months of age will weight at the exact same range. But it is usually more than 20 pounds, if your puppy is healthy and growing naturally. As the dogs are medium sized, they tend to grow pretty fast.

6 month old border collie weight:

6 month old border collieWeight should be
6 month old border collie male20 pounds to 25 pounds
6 month old border collie female18 pounds to 22 pounds

6 month or 25 week old border collie food:

As medium sized dogs, the food habit of the puppies should be a good concern for the owners. It is important to know about the dietary routine of the pups for their healthy growth. 6 months is a crucial time for the puppies, so it is better to get the right food for them.

What to feed 6 month old border collie?

A six month old border collie needs healthy food to grow into the perfect dog they are. The medium sized puppy needs to be fed properly. For the most part regular dog food is perfect for the puppy.

Dry food is good for the puppies of 6 months, dry Kibbles is a good option. Raw diet is also a good option for your six month old border collie.

The regular meat and snacks could also be included in the diet chart, if our pet is not too picky about their food.

How much should a 6 month old border collie eat?

The food amount for your six month old border collie depends on how much it can take and how much food the puppy wants. In most cases you can give the puppy two meals per day starting from six months. This routine can last for their entire life.

When it comes to dry food, a cup of complete dry food divided into four times each day is a good measurement. This food amount is easy for the puppy digest and it won’t make them too needy for the snacks.

Six months is a good age for a border collie to be developed and healthy. Make sure to give their diet good attention because this time is very crucial for their growth. Also their food habit builds around this time as well. So be careful of their food and food amount.

6 month old border collie behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

Six months is a crucial age for any dog breed. A lot of their behavior starts to develop around this time of the age. Make sure you have their behavior disciplined, if needed. Just keep an eye on how your six month old border collie is behaving.


Usually a six month old border collie will bark just the normal amount. When they are excited or curios about something, they will bark naturally.

But if you notice your pup bark excessively, then they might be bored or lonely. Make sure to give them enough quality time so the barking stops.


Biting is very common for a border collie around this age. The pups will playfully bite and tug at their toys. And if it gets too strong all you have to do is tug away their toy. Most of the time the aggressive biting stops as the puppy grows older.


The border collie is a very cool headed dog. As they hit six months of age, they may get a bit aggressive.

But that is their leadership skills developing. You can easily control this by disciplining them when things seem like out of your hands. Just pay attention to their behavior.

How much sleep does a 6 month old border collie need?

As the pups are very active during this age, they require a lot of sleep. 12 to 14 hours of sleep is common for them.

How much exercise does a 6 month old border collie need?

Even as puppies, the border collies need a lot of exercise. They are very active dogs and prefer to be on the playground as long as they can.

As six month old puppies, border collies should get around an hour of exercise every day, It depends on the stamina of your dog as well. They can go for more than an hour as well.

Walking your puppy for an hour or taking them out for a run will make them very happy. Only an hour everyday will increase the stamina of a six month old border collie. You can slowly start their exercise from an early age, starting from five minutes.

An hour of play time is good enough exercise for your six month old border collie. Make sure your dog is vaccinated before bringing them outside. For walks you can go five minutes for every month of your pups age.

How to train a 6 month old border collie?

A six month old border collie needs to be taken care of not only physically but also in terms of their behavior. The dogs need to trained properly as this time is very crucial for them. It can be a challenging duty. Which is why you need to be well prepared.

Identify breed:

First you should do a proper research about the dog breed. How their temperament is, how much can they endure, their behavior and their basic needs. This is very important if you want to train them in the right way.

Command training:

Start with the basic commands like sit, stand, stop etc. You can slowly start teaching them heel, walk and other interactive commands as well.

Learn their mood:

As the dog breed naturally has a lot of energy, make sure you have the attention of your puppy. Also, try to read their mood. So you know when to stop.

Provide quite place:

When training your dog make sure to go to a quiet place. This way they will concentrate better on the training.

Encourage them:

Make sure you give a lot of affirmation and encouragement to your dog. Border collies are very intelligent dogs, so you will not have to break so much sweat. Just make sure they know what they are doing is right and they will follow along.

Socialize them:

After they have learned the basics take them around other dogs so they can socialize and pick up on the mannerisms. Border collies are social dogs and they love to be around other dogs as well. This plays as a good motivator.

Go for other training like potty training:

Try to include different training instructions and mix them up. Do not let your border collie puppy get tired of the training routine. Mark their potty place to train them.

A six month old border collie will pick up on any training instruction quickly. And they will remember it as they grow up.

Final thoughts

A six month old border collie can be said to reach the desired height, as they grow more than twenty inches by this time. The weight of the puppy is almost always around twenty pounds. This depends on the gender and the growth rate of the puppy as well.