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6 Month Old American Bulldog: Weight, Size, Food, & More

American bulldogs are considered a large muscular breed of working dog. They are used on farms and ranches as guardians to chase down any stray cattle and help with farm work.

In today’s article, we will discuss the weight, size, food, and much more information about the 6-month-old American Bulldog. 

6-month-old American bulldog Size: How big is a 6 month/24-week-old American bulldog? 

Generally, at the six-month age, the American Bulldogs are called American Bulldog puppies. Generally, a six months old American Bulldog should have a height of 18 to 22 inches. However, the male American Bulldogs grow slightly higher than the females due to their improved immune systems. 

The American Bulldogs are agile pet animals that are mostly used on farms and ranches to chase down any type of intruder animals. It takes around two years for an American bulldog to become fully grown.

In some cases, they may become more mature very quickly than the expected timeline. The American Bulldogs have a higher immune system which enables them to grow exponentially faster in earlier stages of development.

As a result, they grow significantly faster during the first couple of months since their birth. Generally, a 6-month-old American Bulldog puppy should have a height of 16 to 22 inches and a length of 15 to 18 inches.

During the early stage of their physical development, they start to learn most of the that are related to their lifestyle. The high-value meat protein and fat help them to grow significantly faster compared to any other dogs. As a result, they quickly become large.

6-month-old American bulldog Weight: How much should a 6-month-old american bulldog weigh?

Generally, the American bulldog puppies 50 to 60% of their adult weight and height during the first six months. Considering that it takes a very little longer for them to reach their mature weight. Generally, a 6-month-old American Bulldog puppy weighs about 46.8 pounds to 77.6 pounds.

As the American Bulldog puppies are agile, they are quite heavy as well. They have a higher immune system which enables them to reach 50 to 60% of their adult height and weight within the three months from their birth.

By six months, they become almost close to their mature height and weight. However, a six-month-old American Bulldog puppy weighs about 46.8 pounds to 77.6 pounds.

In other words, within the six months from their birth, they weigh around 21.2 to 35.2 kg. This wait is almost close to their mature weight. They require a high amount of meat protein, which helps them to improve their muscle.

In addition to that, overfeeding American Bulldogs can cause unnecessary weight gain, which will also cause them joint issues.

That is why you should be careful when feeding the American Bulldogs and make sure that they do not gain excess weight. Below is a table that shows the weight of 6-month-old american bulldog:

6 month old american bulldog weight:

6 month old american bulldogWeight should be
6 month old american bulldog male47-78 pounds
6 month old american bulldog female60-80 pounds

6 month old american bulldog Food 

What to feed a 6-month-old american bulldog? 

Generally, the American Bulldogs are considered big hitters, so the American bulldog puppy that is six months old will eat anything he can get.

That is why it depends on you what you will be providing and how you will portion his food to maintain his weight. Generally, mature bulldogs have better overall health.

So, you should be very careful when providing him with food. American Bulldogs are big eaters, so there is no exception for American Bulldog food. Generally, a puppy eats almost twice compared to an adult’s daily meal.

Always remember to make portions that include high-value protein, minerals, vitamins, and calcium, high value protein and fat will help him to gain muscle.

If you are providing him with dog food, it is recommended to provide him food three times daily. Provide him with two and a quarter to three cups of food every day

How much should a 6 month old american bulldog?  

Generally, the six-month-old American Bulldog puppies are big eaters by nature. As a result, they will eat almost anything that they can get within their reach.

In addition to that, a 6-month-old American Bulldog puppy has an appetite that is twice compared of the mature American bulldog. As a result, it depends on you how much food you will provide him.

You always need to make sure that you do not overfeed the dog, otherwise, it will gain excess weight and may face muscle and heart-related issues.

In terms of dog food, you should provide the dog with two and a quarter to three cups of food every day.

This will ensure him with proper diet and nutrition. In addition to that, you should always make sure that he is regular meal consists of different types of minerals, vitamins, calcium, and protein.

6 month old American bulldog Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness 

Since the American Bulldogs are naturally agile and aggressive, some of the common behaviors of six-month-old American Bulldog puppies include barking, biting, and aggressiveness.

Generally, the aggressive behavior starts as a normal thing to you, but eventually, it may go out of control. Below is a brief discussion on a different type of behaviors of the American bulldog: 


Barking is considered one of the most common types of behavior that can be seen in every type of dog.

American Bulldog is not any exception. They will start to bark from an early age just to communicate with you or warn you if you are an intruder. 


Generally, the six-month-Old American Bulldog puppies can bite you. This is normally considered a part of their play, but this may become aggressive when they grow up. Sometimes they may even reach you harm. 


Six-month-old American Bulldog puppies can be aggressive and agile by their nature, so it is important to train them from being aggressive because, in the long run, it can affect you and the people around you.

How much sleep does a 6 month old American bulldog need? 

A 6-month-old American Bulldog needs to provide it with proper sleep. It will help it to grow up properly and have an improved immune system.

In addition to that, there is a similarity between American Bulldog puppies that they have sleeping patterns that is almost similar to human babies.

The American Bulldog puppies which are aged between zero to 18 months, require asleep around 12 to 14 hours of sleep.

That is why you should provide the six-month-old American Bulldog puppy with proper sleep so that it can grow normally.

How much exercise for a 6 month old American bulldog? 

Letting your six-month-old American Bulldog exercise is an important part to help it gain muscle and strength.

Generally, it is recommended to provide your six-month-old American Bulldog puppy to take them for a long walk.

It is usually good for their health. In addition to that, if you can provide your six-month-old American Bulldog with 30 to 45-minute walks a day two times, it will improve their cardiovascular system.

Taking your dog out for a walk will introduce him to new sets of smells, sights, and sounds.

What does a 6 month old American bulldog look like? 

The best way to identify a 6-month-old American Bulldog is to take a look at it. Generally, the six-month-old American Bulldogs weigh 30 to 40 pounds. That they are quite aggressive and agile. They are full of fats and quite heavy.

How to train a 6 month old American bulldog?

It takes about 18 months for the American Bulldogs to become fully mature. But as they grow, the growth hormone in American Bulldogs starts to slow down.

The most important part of growing a 6-month-old American Bulldog is to train them to control their behavior. They usually start to develop this type of behavior from a very early age.

But if you can manage to make them understand that this is an inappropriate play, you can try to control their behavior and make them stop this. The best way to stop this type of behavior is to train them.

It is always recommended to maintain a limited amount of food along with proper training and exercise that should be provided to the six-month-old American Bulldog.

Below is a brief discussion on a few key factors that are needed to train a 6-month-old American Bulldog: 

Potty train: 

It is recommended to take your American Bulldog to the potty every 15 to 30 minutes for the first few weeks so that it can stand the environment and can control its bladder. This is how they will understand the concept of potty training.


The American bulldog needs to take them into public areas and have positive experiences with people and pets. This will help them to meet with the new environment and adjust to the new people and pets.

Control aggressiveness: 

Generally, the American Bulldogs can start to bite or bark at you when they are developing. You simply have to stop them from doing such type of work so that they can understand that this is not an appropriate practice at all.

Final Thoughts

The American Bulldogs are aggressive and agile types of dogs that can be used to guard farms and ranches. They start to develop their help from a very early age and require high-value protein. It is important to provide them with proper nutrition so that they can grow properly.