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5 Month Old Puppy Crying & Whining – How to Stop? (Answered)

Getting pets for our children is one of the best things we as a parent could do for them. Usually, it depends on their preference but giving them a puppy is always the best option.

However, when having pets by themselves, they need to attend to their needs as well.

Puppies for example are high maintenance if we compare them to the other pets. Puppies for example whine and cry a lot when they come to a new home. This can be very frustrating for you if they keep whining all day.

Moreover, the worst scenario is when they whine all night and disturb your priceless sleep.

This is when we need to take matters into our own hands and train these little buggers. In order to learn how to stop 5 month old puppy from crying & whining, keep reading below.

5-month old puppy crying & whining:

Puppies need attention just like a human baby does. They also communicate their feelings or thoughts to their owners. They could be whining for a plethora of reasons. It might be because they simply need water, warmth, or food. Other times it could be more serious.

Dogs need a lot more attention than cats do. Especially if they are puppies then they require much more attention. Always make sure your puppy is not thirsty, uncomfortable, cold, or lonely.

Those are the easiest triggers for your puppy to start whining and that might lead to many sleepless nights for you. Therefore, always make sure they have all their needs met and try to train them to be silent as much as possible.

Reasons for 5 month old puppy crying:

There can be many reasons why your puppy might be crying. Below we listed 5 of the major reasons why the puppy might be crying. Keep below to know more about their behavior.

A puppy needs something:

After being in a new family, the puppy might not be able to communicate its feelings and needs properly. Sometimes they could be seen barking and whining in front of their empty food trays or water bowls.

These are all valid reasons for them to be crying since they do not speak our language, unfortunately. Therefore, like raising a baby, the puppy will get its point across by crying or whining.

Puppy is bored:

Sometimes you might find yourself too busy to spend time with the little puppies in your home. Cats in this case do not care but dogs are highly vocal. Therefore, whenever they are bored, they will whine a lot.

It is not like we do not need to spend time with cats and make them active so they do not get bored. Moreover, puppies can be a handful as they do not sleep a lot like cats and need a lot of attention.

Puppy is sick:

Dogs are very vocal creatures. Even when they are adults they will whine in response to painful conditions or pain.

If they are whining constantly without any other reason, then you can be sure that they are experiencing difficulties and you should take them to the vet immediately.

Puppy is excited:

Sometimes you will find yourself away from home for long periods. Sometimes you might not spend as much as time you need to spend with your puppy.

At those moments your puppy might just be happy to see you while crying and get excited to play with you.

Puppy wants to go outside:

This is rather one of the simplest ways to deduce why the puppy might be crying.

Puppies when young like to explore a lot. When they are exploring, they will stumble upon barriers and will probably need help from their owners to let them continue exploring.

At those moments you will find they are whining to let them out. Because they could have seen something there that has caught their attention and they want to investigate.

Is it normal for 5 month old puppies to cry and whine?

Yes, it’s normal for a 5-month-old puppy to cry and whine. Below we have listed some of the particular moments they might cry or whine and explain them in detail. Keep reading below to know more about your puppies.

Crying at night:

A 5-month-old puppy crying or whining at night is something rather normal. After they get separated from their litter, they become anxious and sometimes they want attention from their new family.

Crying when I leave the room:

Puppies that are separated from their littermates are usually confused and lonely. They vocalize those feelings a lot because isolation and loneliness are not something they can handle as we do.

Whining all the time:

This is not normal behavior to whine all the time. After giving them food, water, attention, and warmth if they still whine then there might be a problem with their health. Dogs are very vocal with their pain or unwellness.

Crying in the crate:

It’s pretty normal for puppies to cry and whine in a crate. It is rather important to let them cry even more allowing them to self-soothe.

It is to ensure that they would not whine or cry every time you make them confined in a crate.

Crying when left alone:

Leaving a puppy alone can make them anxious and unstable. This is because just as a dog need exercise each day, they also need mental activity to keep them healthy.

Once we leave them alone for too long, they will become depressed and sometimes not behave in a well-mannered way. The puppies especially need more attention than the adult dogs.

When should I be worried about my 5-month old puppy crying?

Normally when a puppy cries there is nothing to worry about their well-being. When they get away from their litter they tend to whine and cry as it was their nature to do so.

Therefore, fulfilling their needs and paying them enough attention will solve the crying issue.

We should not respond to the cries of animals too much when there is no health risk or anything else. Otherwise, our pets will be the ones training us, not us training them.

However, the whining and crying of the 5-month-old puppy do not stop even after doing all of the above.

Then it is time for you to be worried and check if they are in pain or something. If you cannot figure out something then take them to the vet.

4 tips to stop 5 month old puppy crying:

Puppies can be a handful when they are especially only 5-month-old. There are multiple things that you could do to help them stabilize and not cry or whine constantly.

People use many methods and sometimes it might seem cruel but it is something that we need to do, in order to teach them.

Therefore, we cooked up a list of 4 bullet points that explain in brief how to handle the situation when your puppy is whining and crying.


First and foremost, you need to make sure that the 5-month-old puppy has all its needs fulfilled. That includes food, water, warmth, and toys. These are the necessities for making your puppy happy and staying healthy.


Sometimes food and toys are not enough for the puppy to have a fulfilling time.

Adult dogs are active; however, the puppies are more active and need a lot more attention from you. They can get over attached to you and thus whine when they become alone.

Train & Praise:

When your dog whines or cries try to give them things to do by themselves.

They will become busy trying to do something and then will not whine anymore. Reward their silence and that will promote them being more silent further on.

Silent Treatment:

If you find that your 5-month-old puppy is constantly crying and whining for no apparent reason.

Give them the silent treatment, time will come when they take a breather and calm down. Reward their silence with threats to promote the same behavior.

Final Thoughts

Stopping a puppy crying can be a multitude of layers of work and effort. Unless we figure out what they need or want, they will not stop crying. However, providing them with their basic needs helps calm them down. Puppies require a lot of attention thus leaving them alone is also not recommended.