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5 Month Old Poodle: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

Five-month-old Poodle puppies grow very fast. Check out these stats on weight, size, food, exercise, and more to get started with your pup’s development.

Your pup will likely gain around a pound or two in the next few months, reaching a mature weight of around 10-12 pounds. Read more to find out.

5 month old poodle size: How big should a 5 month old poodle be?

A five-month-old poodle’s average height is between 19 and 21 inches. Female poodles are slightly more miniature than male poodles. Thus, a female of the same age can appear smaller, which is almost acceptable. A five-month-old poodle puppy should gain at least 80% of the height of an adult.

It can grow up to be 25 inches tall. The media also accepts this size, like when they compare it to the Golden Retriever.

There, a dog can get thin or fat after that. People don’t like slim dogs in the modern world, but some still like this type of dog because they want beautiful and handsome pets.

5 month old poodle weight: How much should a 5 month old poodle weigh?

A five-month-old poodle puppy will probably weigh between 36 and 42 pounds. Female poodles can weigh between 26 and 32 pounds at the same age. They should gain a minimum of 65 percent of their adult age. A healthy poodle will appear to be about to burst at the seams, but not excessively so.

However, the size and weight may be different depending on their build and history. You should feed your puppy food that has high-quality protein, low calories, digestible carbohydrates, and many vitamins and minerals so that it grows up healthy and strong.

5 month old poodle weight:

5 month old poodleMale weight (pound)Female weight (pound) 
5 month old toy poodle9-107-8
5 month old miniature poodle10-119-10
5 month old standard poodle36-4226-32

5 month or 20 week old poodle food:

5 month old poodles will be able to eat a diet similar to their adult counterpart, except for some specific foods. That may not be appropriate for young puppies. A 5-month-old pup should have around 30% of its caloric intake coming from protein.

What to feed 5 month old poodle?

The best food to feed a 5-month-old poodle is a high-quality kibble, primarily meat, with some vegetables. Some general suggestions that might be good for most dogs are puppy food, kibble, or a high-quality grain-free diet that isn’t made with grains.

When you feed your dog different types of food, it is essential to do it slowly so that they don’t get food allergies. Also, it is necessary to keep an eye on their weight and make sure they get enough water and exercise.

Keep an eye on your dog’s weight and make sure they get enough exercise. 5 month olds will start to eat more like adults and may need fewer vaccines as they get older.

Still, you should always talk to your veterinarian before changing their regular routines, even if they don’t need as many vaccines.

How much should a 5 month old poodle eat?

If your 5-month-old poodle wants to stay healthy, it needs to get 30% of its calories from protein. Because they need a lot of protein, they should eat puppy food.

Please keep in mind that this is just a general guideline. The amount of food your dog eats will depend on its size, activity level, and health. Before changing your pet’s food, always talk to your veterinarian.

Poodle at this age should eat at least two cups of food each day. With that in mind, break the food up with your dog’s teeth. This will help them keep their teeth healthy and cut down on the risk of them choking or getting stuck in their digestive system.

Also, they should be fed often while chewing on a bone that doesn’t have any crusts.

5 month old poodle behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

Barking, biting, and aggressive behavior are familiar in 5-month-old poodles. While some of this may be due to excitement or playfulness, it is critical to watch for signs that your pup is becoming aggressive or fearful.


Poodles typically bark in response to various stimuli, such as humans or other animals. This is a natural behavior that should not be discouraged or treated aggressively.

If your puppy’s barking has become excessive or disruptive, consult your veterinarian about possible solutions.


Poodles may bite when playing, but they can also become aggressive when distressed or threatened. If you notice your dog biting someone, immediately discipline them by scolding them and striking them with a wooden spoon.

Please make an effort to discourage biting in general by teaching your puppy appropriate play behaviors such as tugging on their leash rather than trying to grab their ears.


Some 5-month-old poodles may become aggressive when excited or anxious, becoming louder and more excitable.

If your dog is becoming overly aggressive or destructive, talk to your veterinarian about possible solutions, such as separation anxiety treatment OR obedience training.

How much sleep does a 5 month old poodle need?

The amount of sleep required by a 5-month-old poodle will vary depending on the dog’s temperament and activity level.

A 5 month old poodle should get about 12 hours of sleep per day. This will promote healthy growth and development while also lowering the risk of behavioral issues.

It is also critical to provide your dog with a comfortable sleeping area. Consider getting them a dog bed or couch and plenty of toys and games to keep them occupied while they sleep.

How much exercise does a 5 month old poodle need?

In general, a 5 month old poodle should get about 45 minutes of exercise per day. This will promote healthy growth and development while also lowering the risk of behavioral issues. It is also critical to provide your dog with a comfortable play area.

Consider getting them a dog ball or a large toy and a variety of toys and games to keep them entertained while they play.

To promote healthy growth and development, your dog should walk at least twice a day for two miles. This will help to reduce the risk of injury while also improving their temperament.

Additionally, playing fetch or other exercise games with your dog while walking is a great way to keep them active and entertained.

How to train a 5 month old poodle?

Start by introducing your pup to the destination you will be training them to go to. Start with short, negative reinforcement when they are near the desired location – for example, rewarding them with a treat if they stay in their designated spot.

Potty training:

One of the most important things you can do for your 5-month-old puppy is to make sure they can use the bathroom properly. Training them from a young age will help reduce the likelihood of them having future potty training issues.

You can help with this process by doing the following: To begin, ensure they have plenty of opportunities to go outside and eliminate throughout the day.

Second, be consistent with your expectations – no matter how tired they are, do not give them preferential treatment regarding when and where they need to go potty.

Finally, use positive reinforcement (such as treats or praise) to encourage your pup to take bathroom breaks.

Behavior Training:

While five-month-old poodle puppies are often playful and full of energy, they can also be misbehaved at this age. To keep them from becoming nuisance animals later in life, it’s critical to start teaching them appropriate behavior at a young age.

Use positive reinforcement (such as treats or praise) whenever your pup obeys your commands and behaves well.

Second, establish specific rules for your puppy regarding where and when they can play while limiting their time outside to avoid over-exposure to stimuli. Finally, be consistent with your expectations regardless of how tired they are.

Please do not give them preferential treatment regarding when and where they need to go potty.

Agility training:

Poodle puppies are still growing and developing at five months old, making them more vulnerable to unexpected accidents.

It’s critical to start agility training them as soon as possible to help keep them from injuring themselves in this way. This type of training will teach your dog how to walk correctly on two legs and keep them safe in an accident.

To begin, construct an introductory agility course for your dog using sturdy barriers and anchors. Then, teach them specific commands like ‘left’ or ‘right.’

Finally, use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior by rewarding your dog with treats whenever they complete a task correctly.

Final Thoughts

A five-month-old poodle should weigh between 36 and 42 pounds and measure between 19 and 22 inches in height. They should gain at least 60% to 70% of their adult size. Their diet and exercise regimens should be precise. Each day, they require at least two cups of food.