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5 Month Old Golden Retriever: Weight, Size, Food & More

If you have a 5 month old golden retriever at home, you must be careful about your pet’s behavior and food habits. They are not like other pets or normal dogs; they are different from every angle. So, you must be careful about their health and growth.

They will require extra care at different growth stages. So, the five-month-old golden retriever will be further from the 6 months or 7-month pets. And their behavior, food habits, and body structure will be different too.

5 month old golden retriever size: How big should a 5 month old golden retriever be?

A 5 month old golden retriever should be like half the adult. It means your 5-month golden retriever will look like a half-adult, which is the most growing time for them. They will introduce some new behavior and want to bite everything. Moreover, they will require training as they are growing.

Your pet is no longer a golden retriever puppy; they pass the pre-adult stage. They need to get proper training and enhance their behavior to become social beings. If you go through the entire write-up, you will know how to train your golden retriever.

Also, the food list will be there, so you can include them in the diet list to help the golden retriever grow better and naturally. Maybe you’re still following the early-stage advice, and you think your pet is still a puppy. Unfortunately, I suppose you might be wrong.

You should re-check your golden retriever’s diet chart and make some corrections accordingly. Be sure to add all the nutrients or foods enriched with proteins and other nutrients value.

And, it will be better to purchase commercial pet food since they are made with high-quality.

5 month old golden retriever weight: How much should a 5 month old golden retriever weigh?

A 5 month old golden retriever should weigh around 42 lb or 19kg. It’s the average weight, but it does not apply to all the retrievers. Your little puppy might be approximately 27lb, and there is nothing to worry about the weight. When the puppy is below 27lb, you should take it seriously.

Maybe the diet chart is faulty, or you fail to take proper care of your golden retriever; that’s why the puppy is below 27 lb. at 5 months old.

You should immediately consider changing the diet chart and adding the protein-based food there. Otherwise, it will become a life threat.

Also, the female and male golden retriever weight is different. But the average weight of both the male and female golden retriever should be 55% of adult weight.

That’s the best way to compare the golden retriever. You may also consult with a vet and follow his instructions.

When it comes to the health of the female retriever, they should be around 25 to 40 lb. They are too small, or their weight is lower than the average, so you must reconsider their diet chart.

5 month old golden retriever weight:

5 month old golden retrieverWeight should be
5 month old golden retriever male35-40 lb
5 month old golden retriever female25-40 lb

5 month or 20-week old golden retriever food:

A 5 month or 20-week old golden retriever should have a proper diet plan, and you should know which foods you need to include and what amounts are better for the golden retriever. Let’s get this info.

What to feed 5 month old golden retriever?

You should feed puppy foods to your 5 month old golden retriever. You will get every nutrient from the puppy food, inducing vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other ingredients.

If you love to add home foods, you can do it too. But you must be careful not to give adult food to your 5 month old golden retriever.

Other foods may include blue buffalo, Hills’ Science Diet, and Purina Pro Plan. They are a good source for your 5 month old golden retriever.

You can also make a chart of different snacks for your 5 month old golden retriever. But be careful not to give too much food to your puppy retriever.

It would be better to use the readymade food from the above brands. They are safe and specially designed for the 5-month little puppy. So, include them in your puppy’s diet chart and feed them accordingly.

How much should a 5 month old golden retriever eat?

A 5 month old golden retriever should eat three (3) cups of food daily. You can split the cups into 4-5 small snacks or meals.

Don’t try to overfeed the miniature golden retriever. They are growing, and they need quality food enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. But the amount should not be more than three cups a day.

You may also give the vet instructed food amount to your little puppy. It will save its health and help it grow naturally. Remember, natural growth is significant for the golden retriever. You should never force it to overgrow.

You may wonder how people overgrow their pets. It happens when you try to overfeed the pet and want to get the more giant and adult pet within a few weeks or so.

You cannot do that with the golden retriever; they should be raised naturally. So, the food amount should be perfect.

5 month old golden retriever behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness:

It would be best to understand your 5 month old golden retriever’s behavior. Its barking, biting, and aggressiveness have different meanings.


Your 5 month old golden retriever starts to bark when alone or bored. It doesn’t matter if the dog isn’t barking because it doesn’t have anything to bark about. It might be better than not barking at all.

If the parking bothers you, you can offer it something to chew on. A puppy can’t bark and chew simultaneously if it has a lot of food in its mouth.


Most of the time, a 5 month old golden retriever biting and mouthing is very typical.

With their mouths, puppies learn about the world. A painful teething process lasts for about 2-3 months. When it turns 8 or 9 months, it will stop biting.


Aggression is not like a 5 month old golden retriever; in fact, not in any stage of their life.

A 5 month old golden retriever being aggressive is not a normal case. It is still possible to see this kind of behavior, though. It is difficult to tell if your dog is hurt or afraid, but aggressive behavior is the best way to understand it better.

How much sleep does a 5 month old golden retriever need?

A 5 month old golden retriever needs a minimum of 18 hours of sleep. It will be better to sleep for 20 hours and grow naturally.

If you find your puppy isn’t sleeping for that time, you should be careful and check the puppy’s health. Maybe something wrong is happening.

Because of the growth and development, your puppy can sleep for 20 hours a day. It should be the routine sleeping cycle. Once one becomes an adult, the sleeping time will be reduced by around 10-12 hours a day.

How much exercise does a 5 month old golden retriever need?

A 5 month old golden retriever does need 25 minutes of exercise. It’s a typical role for the golden retriever to add 5 minutes of exercise time every month. So, 5 months equals 5×5 equals 25 minutes of exercise.

Exercising may include playing, stretching, and a little jumping. You can also make a chart of exercises that you can follow every day for your little puppy. But never try to exercise your puppy for more than 25 minutes.

How to train a 5 month old golden retriever?

You can train your 5 month old golden retriever following three methods. They are:

Potty Training:

Potty training your puppy is a tremendous job, but it’s worth it. If you want to be successful, you and your puppy need to put a lot of time and effort into the project.

You should place his/her litter in a designated place and take him/her there after they eat. So that they understand it is the place for them to poop or pee.

You should also set up a routine and work with your puppy’s natural tendencies before using the strategies above. Provide enough food and water to your little puppy.

Nap Training:

It’s a good idea for five-month-old puppies to get about 18 hours of sleep and rest every day. Crates and gates can help your puppy get a good night’s sleep.

Another good way to help them stay asleep is to keep them in a quiet place. Giving your puppy something to chew, like a frozen Kong or topple, might help them transition from awake to asleep.

Brain Exercises:

If you let them spend a little time outside in an unstructured way, they’ll be more likely to follow your home rules.

They love flirt pole toys, where they can chase and grab the toy at the end of the bungee.

There aren’t any growth plates in their bones yet, so it’s important not to jerk them around at sharp angles with the toy, which can put a lot of stress on their bones. Another fun game for puppies to play is hidden and seek.

Final thoughts

A 5 month golden retriever should be around 27-45 lb, and the growth should be half of an adult golden retriever. It’s a common characteristic of the golden retriever. And the food, playing time, and the diet chart should be developed accordingly. You cannot treat your pet like an adult or puppy.