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5 Month Old German Shepherd: Weight, Size, Food & More

German Shepherds! Most of us know them as police dogs. Apart from that, more or less you may know that the dogs of this breed are smart, very active, and energetic. However, they are also great pets when used for security purposes.

Additionally, it’s no surprise that german shepherds can really turn into large dogs when they reach their adulthood. However, if you have queries about an German shepherd then you’re at the right place.

Today we are going to have a detailed discussion on a 5-month/20 weeks old German shepherd. So, bear with us till the end to find all the answers.

So, without a further due let’s get into it.

5 month old german shepherd Size: How big is a 5 month/20 week old german shepherd?

A 5 month old German shepherd will be around 14 to 16 inches. Whereas, this the average size of a 5-month old male puppy. Additionally, a 5-month old female puppy would be in-between 12-14 inches. Large breeds like German Shepherds are not considered to be fully grown till they are 18-months old.

Female German shepherds are a bit smaller in size than the male ones.  

When your German shepherd is less than 2-3 years old, just keep in mind that they have plenty of time to grow. Apart from that, you can identify their growth rate by checking their paw size.

If their paws look larger than their legs and other parts of the body, it indicates that they have plenty of room for growing. However, keep in mind that the size also depends on the puppy’s genes.

Most German shepherd puppies will not grow larger than their parents. 

5 month old german shepherd Weight: How much should a 5 month old german shepherd weigh?

The weight of a 5-month old German Shepherd will be around 40-49 lbs. This is considered to be the average weight for a male puppy. On the other hand, 5-month old female German shepherd puppies will weigh between 35-44 lbs. Their majority growth happens in between 24 months or 2 years.     

Female German shepherds tend to weigh a bit less than male German shepherds. Their growing process continues until they are 18 months to 2 years old.

As the males are larger, they will need more time to fill their chest and abdomen. This is one reason why they weigh more. However, the majority growth should happen within 24 months.

Additionally, if your German shepherd is 36 months old and tends to gain weight abnormally, then you can consult a veterinarian. This is necessary so that weight gaining does not lead to obesity.

5 month old german shepherd weight:

5 month old german shepherdWeight should be
5 month old german shepherd maleIn between 40-49 lbs.
5 month old german shepherd femaleIn between 35-44 lbs.

5 month old german shepherd Food

What to feed a 5 month old German shepherd?

You can feed your 5-month old German shepherd Premium large breed formulas, and kibbles or puppy dry food.

The feeding frequency for a puppy depends on its age. A puppy aged between 3-6 months must be fed at least 3 times on a regular basis. However, it can go down to 2 times a day when its age is somewhere between 10-12 months.

You can start with feeding them dog kibbles. Apart from that you can feed them balanced meals. These meals may include bone broth, multivitamins, and other balanced formulas.

These balanced formulas provide great support to their bones and muscles. German shepherds usually have a higher demand for nutrition in their early age. Therefore make sure to feed properly balanced meals for a healthier growth.

Additionally, you can give your 5 month old puppy 2-3 cups of kibble per meal. However, if they do not eat the meal in 10-15 minutes, remove their dish.

After an hour try offering them the food again.                    

How much should a 5 month old German shepherd eat?

Your 5-month old German shepherd puppy should eat 2-3 cups of kibble per meal. However, make sure to feed it at least three times a day.

Additionally, you can also provide them with snacks. However, make sure the treats are healthy. How much and how often they should be fed, depends on their age and their activity throughout the day.

When you offer them small meals throughout the day, it helps them support  their blood sugar level and also helps maintain their energy. Additionally, it also helps them grow healthily and behave better.       

Feeding your German shepherd according to a routine is necessary to maintain a proper meal schedule. Scheduled and properly balanced diets help your puppy to have a seedy growth.

5 month old german shepherd Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Your German Shepherd puppy may behave differently due to many reasons. However, there are valid reasons behind every behavioral change.


If your 5-moth old german shepherd is barking constantly, it maybe cause he is noticing something unusual. Apart from that these puppies also tend bark when they are bored or feeling lonely.

Additionally, when they notice something or someone unknown entering the house premises, their protective instincts encourage them to bark. These are some basic reasons behind your 8-month old barking.


When your 5-month German shepherd puppy is biting you, it might be a sign that they are overstimulated.

German Shepherds are called land sharks for a reason. These puppies may often get overstimulated and lose control of their biting force.

Additionally, they can  when they are hungry or need a small nap. However, you can use puppy biting toys to prevent such behaviours. 


Your German Shepherd puppies may be acting aggressive because they are not getting their daily dosage of exercise. However, keep in mind that German Shepherds are natually wild.

Additionally, you can teach them not to act aggressive.

How much sleep does a 5 month old german shepherd need?

As a 5-month old puppy German shepherds will sleep for 15-20 hours in a day.

However, there is not a fixed amount. But, as adults they will sleep upto 12-14 hours. Whereas, as seniord they will sleep for 14 hours on average.

To know the amount of sleep they need, you can track how often they are sleeping. Additionally, it will help you understand their sleeping pattern better.

However, during the growth period they will only tend to wake up when they need food or require a walk.

Also, if you notice that your puppy isn’t sleeping enough, it might be a sign that he is not getting enough enrichment throughout the day. In this case, try to keep him active throughout the day.

How much exercise for a 5 month old German shepherd?

For a 5-month old German shepherd, a 5 minutes of continuous exercise or walk is enough.

A puppy of this age must not be on walkies or do any exercise for more than 5 minutes. This may cause health risks to your puppy.

According to the thumb rule, the puppies are supposed to exercise for every month of their growth.

These walks gives them the opportunity to explore the environment they are in and also work on their good behaviour. This habit also helps develop healthy relationships with other pets and people around the neighbourhood.

As, they run around the entire house, they will get enough exercise anyway. Addiotnally, make sure they are getting enough sleep too.  

How to train a 5 month old German shepherd?

A 5 month old, puppy may require training for various things.

Here is how to:

Potty train:

It may take up to 5 consecutive days to potty train your 5-month old German shepherd. Start with making a schedule. Keep in mind that it must work for your puppy and you at the same time.

You have to consistent towards the schedule otherwise it may not work. Then, make him a spot for potty in your yard. However, you can keep your puppy on a leash while they are pooping. This prevents them from mistaking potty time as playtime.

Addiotnally, keep an eye on your pup. He might show signs that he needs to eliminate or excrete. Look for signs like, pacing, circling, squating and starching doors.

You may also, teach them by giving them commands like ‘go potty’. Also, praise them once they are done. Addiotnally, you can offer them with various treats.                 

Stop biting:

You need to train your pup to stop biting you. Start with a biting toy or a tug toy. You may also use puppy-safe Partion gates to train them.

Addiotnally, try making sounds to express that you are being hurt. Use such words as ‘Ouch’. You may also try and engage them into structured exercises.  

Final Thoughts

A 5-month old german shepherd or 20-week german shepherd will be 14-16 inches. However, for female puppies it wll be in between 12-14 inches. As the male puppies may weigh 40-49 lbs, the females will weigh around 35-44 lbs. Puppies of this age must be fed nutritional and well-balanced meals.