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5 Month Old French Bulldog: Weight, Size, Food & More

Dogs grow and age differently than humans. Dog years is a term commonly used due to the fast pace of their growth. A dog will change a lot in size and appearance on a monthly basis. So, it isn’t odd for people to research what size a dog might be in a certain month.

5 month old french bulldog Size: How big is a 5 month/20 week old french bulldog?

A french bulldog at the 5 month mark usually reaches up to a height of 5 to 6 inches or 12.7 to 15.2 cm. But at this age, it is still only a puppy because the french bulldog takes about 10 to 12 months to fully grow and develop. The size will double by the time it is fully grown.

A 5 month old french bulldog puppy will reach halfway up to your shins. At this age, they can be picked up easily and carrying them isn’t a problem. Their size will increase as months pass and they will develop fully into their body.

Even though they are very adorable at this size, they will begin to get bigger quite rapidly but that is nothing to be concerned with as it is completely natural. But enjoy them at their current size as long as it lasts.

5 month old french bulldog Weight: How much should a 5 month old french bulldog weigh?

A healthy 5 month old french bulldog puppy should weigh somewhere between 15 to 20 lbs. Slightly over or under this weight isn’t concerning but if they weigh way below or above 15 to 20 lbs then it is important to take them to a vet. A french bulldog’s weight can say a lot about its overall health.

It is pertinent to maintain the weight of french bulldog puppies as failing to do so can have a direct affect on their health and mobility. And the two main things that can help are nutritious food and exercise. A balance between these two will work like a charm in managing their weight.

However, in some cases food and exercise alone cannot work; if the french bulldog has any other underlying medical condition. Therefore, it is necessary to have them regularly checked by a vet to ensure their physical well-being.

5 month old french bulldog weight:

5 month old french bulldogWeight should be
5 month old french bulldog male15 – 20 lbs
5 month old french bulldog female11 – 17 lbs

5 month old french bulldog Food

What to feed a 5 month old french bulldog?

A 5 month old french bulldog should have a proper diet that assists in building healthy muscle and lean mass. Their diet should consist of high-quality animal protein from poultry followed by a sufficient amount of meat and fish.

The food should also include some form of fat such as omega fatty acids which will act as a source of energy for them and work as skin and coat support too. Majority of the food they are fed should be derived from animal sources to avoid indigestion. Vitamin and mineral supplements help as well.

Some things to look for when buying food for them is whether the food is made of wholesome products free of byproducts, fillers and artificial additives with moderate fat and calorie content and nutritionally balanced.

How much should a 5 month old french bulldog eat?

At the 5 month mark, the french bulldog puppies are still small and should be fed 3 times a day. They should be given half a cup of puppy food during each feeding which totals to 1.5 cups of food daily.

French bulldogs are a breed that lean on the smaller side compared to dogs of other breeds and they also have a faster metabolism meaning they require more calories per pound of body weight compared to dogs of larger breeds. However, it is important to keep in mind that french bulldogs have low-energy which puts them at risk of obesity even at early stages of their life.

5 month old french bulldog Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

The behavior of a 5 month old french bulldog can seem scary and aggressive and they do look a little intimidating even in those small bodies of theirs. The barking, biting and aggression can be brought under control with proper training and socialization.


French bulldogs are noisy in general and are known to bark more when they are at the early stages of their life. But we should understand that they bark as a way to communicate along with yodeling, screaming, chirping, warbling and snorfling! Some things that make them bark is when they sense an unknown intrusion, to get attention from their owners, they will bark at other dogs, also when they are left alone or in their crate and finally they will bark when they are experiencing any sort of pain.


French bulldogs are prone to bite a lot when they are young as they are going through the uncomfortable stage of teething. But biting and nipping at that age is ordinary behavior for them as they are still exploring the world and they do this with the help of their mouth. Most often than not, they bite in a playful manner. But this behavior also subsides with their age.


You will notice your french bulldog puppies biting, growling and snarling a lot when they are only 5 month old but this is normal behavior for this breed. It does not always mean they are trying to be aggressive. However, if this behavior worries you, a good way to minimize their aggressiveness is through proper training and socialization.

How much sleep does a 5 month old french bulldog need?

A 5 month old french bulldog puppy will need 18 to 19 hours of sleep on a daily basis which is honestly almost the entire day. They will wake up after a few hours of sleep and stay awake for about an hour and then fall back asleep. This isn’t unusual or alarming behavior for the puppies.

As they age the french bulldog’s sleeping time will decrease, not drastically but it will be less than how much they sleep as puppies.

How much exercise for a 5 month old french bulldog?

The best form of exercise for a 5 month old french bulldog is a 15 minute walk around the block or field, depending on where you reside. You can take them to walk twice daily for 15 minutes each. They will most likely cover a length of 1.5 to 2 miles during that time.

As we know that french bulldog puppies are more susceptible to obesity, incorporating daily walks and playtime will help their body get the necessary physical activity needed to avoid obesity and maintain their weight. It will be hard for them to live a healthy life if they gain too much weight while their body is still developing.

What should a 5 month old french bulldog look like?

A 5 month old french bulldog will have a lean, compact body and a slightly bigger face with wrinkles that go past their neck to their shoulders. At 5 months old, they will easily fit inside a Louis Vuitton tote bag, if you are curious to know what size they come in at that age.

How to train a 5 month old french bulldog?

Adopting or buying a 5 month old french bulldog is fairly easy but properly training them is the difficult part. You will need to be knowledgeable about what and how to train them and also be consistent with the routine for it to work.

Potty train:

You need to begin the process of potty training as soon as you can. It is natural the french bulldog will be confused in a new environment. If you want them to urinate and defecate outside, take them out when it is time for them to go and give them time to find the right spot and also give them a verbal or physical praise after they are done. Encouragement and consistency will help them become accustomed to the routine easily and this will help avoid any mistakes.


It is natural that your puppy will be reluctant to get inside the crate in the beginning. A few things that can help is buying a crate that is big enough for them, placing a soft blanket along with a few of their treats and toys inside which will give the crate a homely and comfortable feel. You can very gradually increase the time they stay in the crate and before long they will be able to spend entire nights in their crates.


French bulldogs can be aggressive in unknown places. In order to help them socialize, it is important to first familiarize them with your house, then take them on walks around the house or nearby parks. And the best way is to introduce them to other people and dogs. In time they will not feel threatened in others presence and will be much friendlier.

Final Thoughts

At the 5 month mark they are still young and developing which is a good thing as this allows you the flexibility to train them from a young age. They are very adorable and small at this age which means they won’t take up a lot of space in the beginning which will give you some adjustment period too.