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5 Month Old Boxer: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

A boxer dog is a highly athletic and aware breed of dog. As the name suggests, the body is strong and stuffed like a heavy-weight champ. Male boxers generally get up to 25 inches tall when full grown, and females are 23 inches. 

For puppies of 5 months, let’s see how you nourish it to become bolder.

5 month old boxer Size: How big is a 5 month/20 week old boxer?

A 5-month-old boxer can rise from 15 to 16 inches. If the boxer is nourished adequately, it will get this height. Boxer puppies need to have small amounts of puppy food and adult food to get full nourishment. You should increase the adult food to puppy food ratio every day.

Boxer puppies are like other puppies. This breed is aggressive by nature. They need to have a good amount of training before becoming calm and quiet. Also, they will not eradicate their wildness without proper nourishment, both food, and training. 

These puppies need to be socialized before they become old. Because this breed particularly fears new things, such as kids, strangers, and anything they are not familiar with.

Boxers gain weight and height relatively fast. They grow about 12 inches or 1 ft at the end of 12 weeks. In 5 months, they will grow up to 16 inches long and 38 pounds weight. To determine the puppy’s growth, you should check its paws. 

If you see the puppy’s paws are bigger than their body shape, it signifies their growth. A boxer will grow until they cross 24 months on earth.

5 month old boxer Weight: How much should a 5 month old boxer weigh?

A five-month-old boxer should weigh about 36 to 38 pounds. If the owner provides enough food and exercise to the puppy, it will grow well. You need to balance the five-month-old boxer’s diet properly, or whether the boxer may become bulky or it may lack weights. Provide proper care along with food.
The weight distribution for your 5-month boxer puppy is important. Because the puppy doesn’t have enough weight, it is sick and will grow poorly. On the other hand, if your puppy has more weight than it needs, it will have obesity problems. 

Which eventually leads your puppy to some harmful diseases.

If you don’t provide food for your puppies properly, they will neglect to gain muscle. And as boxer puppies will grow stronger than most other dogs, they need more care. You need to provide food and bark, and it will be aggressive. 

Food is the best way to reward your puppy. Don’t give any unnecessary food to your 5-month-old puppies. And make sure you provide balanced food. Always keep in touch with a vet.

5 month old boxer weight:

5-month-old boxerWeight should be 36 to 38 Pounds
5-month-old boxer pit mix maleWeight should be 35 to 41 Pounds
5-month-old boxer pit mix femaleWeight Should be 33 to 37 Pounds
5-month-old boxer lab mix maleWeight Should be 52 to 110 Pounds
5-month-old boxer lab mix femaleWeight Should be 55 to 80 Pounds

5 month old boxer Food:

What to feed a 5 month old boxer?

The regular food chart needs to have good nutrition for boxer puppies. These puppies need to grow a good amount of muscle and maintain a good shape, or they may fall. Both the five and six-month older boxer puppies need the same amount of food every day. 

The quantity of food is 4 to 518 Cups. And they need to feed 3 to 4 times a day. The food consists of dry, wet, and raw meals. Dry foods are dry kibble, but make sure not to put allergens such as wheat-based foods. Wet foods are expensive. 

And you may not want to provide them wet foods as the food consists of high calories. For puppies of 5 months, you should provide fresh raw meat, or potentially harmful bacteria may ingest inside.

How much should a 5 month old boxer eat? 

Five-month-old boxer puppies should eat about 4 to 518 Cups. The owner should provide a balanced diet to the boxer. Before providing the food, you need to go to a Vet to make a chart of food that you can provide to your puppies. The food chart should have wet, dry, and raw food.

The vet will say what food you can provide at which time. You should provide food for 3 to 4 times a day. Dry kibble is not as expensive as raw meat or wet foods. Also, dry kibble is a safer option for you. Allergens are highly avoidable. You should avoid overfeeding and underfeeding. 

High-calorie food can adversely impact the boxer.

5 month old boxer Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Walk through this section to learn more about the behavior of your boxer pup –


Barking is a general phenomenon for any puppies or dogs. That is the only way to communicate with nature around the dog. The puppies bark for different things. 

Through barking, they show frustration, pain, sorrow, sickness, and other bad things. Also, if the boxer puppy is in fear, it will bark. If you fail to maintain the puppy’s regular food habits, the dog will bark a lot.


As boxers are wild, and the boxer breed is kind of ferocious. Without proper training, the dog will bite anything they are not familiar with, or they think that is harmful to them. A boxer can bite children and an unknown person. 

So, you need to ensure that you provide proper training to the boxer puppy. This boxer breed is more exciting than regular dogs. Be very careful when handling a 5-month-old boxer.


Enough socialization is needed. Or the boxer puppy will react to everything and may show aggression through a constant expression of disappointment. The anger or aggressiveness will easily be expressed through barking and biting. 

So, it is hard for you to maintain a boxer’s aggression. The solution to this problem is proper socialization by meeting with other dogs and people and letting the puppy play along. It may take 7 to 8 weeks for your puppy to socialize.

How much sleep does a 5 month old boxer need?

Like humans, puppies are also mammals and mammals need sleep to keep their bodies fit. Every animal takes a rest. But puppies need to take a rest in their growing phase. Or the problem of aggression and barking will take place. 

And sickness will never say goodbye to them. As an owner, you should ensure the boxer puppy sleeps for about 15 to 20 hours a day to keep them healthy. Don’t think that puppies are nocturnal animals. They are social animals, sleep with their owner, and rise with their owner. 

How much exercise for a 5 month old boxer? 

Puppies need to walk regularly. Or they will fall ill, and their legs will stop performing well. They need to stretch their legs every day. A five-month-old puppy needs to regularly walk for up to fifteen minutes to half an hour

Also, don’t take them to busy areas to train them on how much to walk and where to walk. Make sure to drill them to learn to lead properly. It needs regular training by providing food rewards. 

If you can provide them with a good reward every time they obey the owners, they will try to do that and make it a habit. So, start slowly, by walking five minutes every day, then increase the walking time gradually.

How to train a 5 month old boxer?

The following tips will help you to train your 5 month old boxer puppy –

Potty train:

The first thing you need to maintain is the proper food routine to have an idea of when your boxer puppy will need to go to the restroom. Most of them may go to the restroom after half an hour or an hour after eating. 

A reward is another key for them to obey their owners. Ensure proper reward if they go potty outside or to the selected place. Boxer puppies have the tendency to chew their own potty, so use a rope to keep them with you and retain them to chew the potty.


Boxer puppies are highly aggressive. Boxer lacks social instincts. They are more prone to acquire and achieve what they need. The owner must train their boxer to be social. Or the boxer will bark and bite everyone or every dog it sees when it gets older. 

To avoid this problem, maintain a company of other puppies when you take the puppy to exercise. Visiting a new dog is also recommended. And take your boxer puppy to parks so that it can see more of the nature around it. 

Also give your puppy proper rewards for maintaining calmness.

House Training:

The basic house training for your puppy is to teach it how to sit, obey, stay with you, and come to you. This breed is quite energetic and smart. 

So, you just need to maintain a routine to teach the puppy and always provide a reward to your puppy every time it obeys you. And treat the puppy well and make it comfortable with your touches to its paws, tail, and other body parts. 

That’s how you can train your boxer puppy.

Final Thoughts 

A boxer puppy is quite aggressive in the first place. If you provide proper care, it will give you obedience and follow all your instructions. Train your puppy well. Maintain weight and food. Train it to be more social. Provide enough time for the puppy to be a good adult boxer.