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4 Month Old Labrador: Weight, Size, Food & More

Labradors are not only popular but also friendly to the people around them. A 4 month old labrador is sensitive and anything you would teach them, they would try to adapt. 

The adaptability might take some time but once they get adapted to the environment, you can handle them easily.

Following the below tips and information regarding the labrador and its size, weight, food, and other related topics would give you an idea on raising it. 

4 month old labrador Size: How big is a 4 month/16 week old labrador?

A 4 month old labrador usually grows up to 10 to 15 inches in size. The size may vary depending on the gender and the foods they eat. Well, the size of the labrador is highly dependent on the food intake. They become stubborn at this age and would oppose almost every command. 

A 4-month-old puppy would grow as you feed them sufficient foods for their growth. You can not assume the proper size and weight of the labrador. Rather, the size would depend on their eating habits and daily activity. 

Well, you should also be concerned about the size of the labrador.

The size would certainly differ with the nutrient they are getting. Almost 10 to 15 inches would be the right range of growth for the labrador. Below the average size is not considered as good for the labrador. Because it can be a sign of undernutrition. 

On the other hand, big sizes can refer to overfeeding which is also not good for the puppies. Rather feed them enough nutritious feeds to help them grow. The age of 4 months is the time for rapid growth. 

They would not only take a variety of food but also their body would utilize the food correctly. 

4 month old labrador Weight: How much should a 4 month old labrador weigh?

A 4 month old labrador usually weighs between 25 to 40 pounds. It is not a fixed range yet the size might vary in between. The weight is quite related to the growth of the labrador. Certainly having an appropriate size in comparison to the weight is more desirable for a labrador. 

Labradors are usually friendly. A 4 month old labrador is relatively younger. They would grow as you feed them proper meals. Their food habits, behavior, and everything would change at the age of 4 months. It would be a bit tough to deal with them at this age.

The weight of the labrador would vary according to gender. Most female labradors weigh 25 pounds to 35 pounds. While the male labrador weighs between 30 to 40 pounds. Well, the weight varies with their eating habits. 

They might become bulkier with the changes in the consumed food.

The weight of the labrador is not fixed as 4 months is still the age of growth for them. They would grow with time. Proper training and feeding habits would help them to grow. But handling them might become out of control as age may lead them to become a bit stubborn. 

4 month old labrador weight:

4 month old labradorWeight should be
4 month old Black labrador male30-40 lbs.
4 month old Black labrador female25-35 lbs.
4 month old Golden labrador male30-40 lbs.
4 month old Golden labrador female25-35 lbs.
4 month old Fox red labrador male30-40lbs.
4 month old Fox red labrador female20-35 lbs.
4 month old English labrador male30-40 lbs.
4 month old English labrador female25-35 lbs.
4 month old Chocolate labrador male30-40 lbs.
4 month old Chocolate labrador female25—35 lbs.

4 month old labrador Food

What to feed a 4 month old labrador?

A 4-month-old Labrador is still a puppy, you should go for puppy foods to feed them. You can also try homemade foods on them as at this age they are capable of having soft homemade foods. No matter what you should not provide them with adult dog foods. 

Not every feed is suitable for them. 

Kibbles are indeed best for labradors. You can also feed them boiled and minced chicken. You should be careful if you are giving them homemade foods. Try avoiding foods that might be allergic to them. 

Moreover, they would probably have everything they find at the age of 4 months.

Avoid overfeeding them or underfeeding them. Overfeeding can lead to major health problems. Meanwhile, 4 months of age is the age for growth. Proper nutrition at this age, would decide how healthy your Labrador would grow with time. 

How much should a 4 month old labrador eat?

A 4 month old Labrador can eat a large portion of food depending on its weight. Well, the weight and the daily activity of the Labrador is the key determinant to indicate the right amount of food they need. Almost 1 to 3 cups of food, they might need with their varying weight.

A 10 lbs Labrador might need 1 cup of food at least to eat per day. Meanwhile a 30 to 40 lbs Labrador would need 3 cups to 4 cups of feed per day. 3 meals a day should be provided to them. Overfeeding should be avoided as it would rather make them bulky.

A 20 lbs Labrador would require at least 2 to 3 cups of feed whereas a cup refers to 250 ml. At least 1 cup of feed is required and it would increase with the need and weight of the Labrador. 

4 month old labrador Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Almost every breed of puppies shows different behavior at the different stages of their lives, let’s find out labrador puppies behavior in details –


A 4 month old labrador tends to be a bit sensitive. The puppies are sensitive and get a bit annoyed as well. Mostly barking can be a sign of seeking attention. 

Apart from that, any cautiousness, alertness and if the surrounding becomes annoying, the labrador can bark continuously. 


Biting can start at the age of 4 months. The labrador might try to enjoy new things with a bite. It can get dangerous if the labrador bites the children. It can become habitual if you do not control it. Moreover, biting can also be a sign of overexcitement. 


Mostly 4 month old labrador is not aggressive at all. Rather, aggressiveness might appear under certain conditions. If the puppy finds the situation unapproachable or in case of fear, it can turn into an aggressive one. 

How much sleep does a 4 month old labrador need?

A 4 month old labrador might need to sleep for 18 to 20 hours. Puppies tend to sleep more than an adult. A 4 month old labrador is still young and at a growing age. They need to sleep for more than 11 hours.

Their sleeping pattern depends on the environment and their mood. The puppies can also get stressed with time due to their surroundings. That’s why it provides them a comfortable environment to get better. 

How much exercise for a 4 month old labrador?

15 to 20 minutes of exercise is enough for a 4 month old labrador. It does not mean the labrador has to exercise continuously for 20 minutes. Rather take a break while walking. The only exercise that should be done is walking. 

A 4 month old labrador would not be able to do heavy exercises.

If the labrador seems to enjoy walking, you can continue the exercise. But putting too much pressure would only make them tired. It can have a bad impact on their health. Try walking them at intervals. As a result, they can catch up and take a breath. 

How to train a 4 month old labrador?

A 4 month old labrador is not an adult that would be properly trained. Instead, they must be potty trained at this age. You need to train the labrador more so that it does not get careless and aggressive. You can try the following to train your 4 month old labrador. 

No biting:

At 4 months the puppy starts to bite everything they get. You can try to stop them from biting by training. 

Make them obedient:

There is a high chance that the labrador would become a bit disobedient at 4 months. It must not be easy to handle them. Try passing commands on them softly. Do not be harsh.


Try to walk the labrador with other puppies. And make them play around to get adapted to the environment.

Get in the bed:

The puppies need a proper place to sleep and rest. Try training them to get into the place at the proper time and in the proper position.

Long walks:

A 4 month old labrador can not get used to walks and it would tire them. Rather teach them slowly so that it does not make them exhausted. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, the size and weight of a labrador depend on various factors. Even their food habits, and environment would affect their size and weight. As the age of 4 months is an age for growth, you should feed them puppy foods while serving the feed in an appropriate amount to ensure proper growth.