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4 Month Old German Shepherd: Weight, Size, Food & More

The first four to six months are the most crucial period of a german shepherd’s life. The majority of mental and physical growth occurs in the time phase. That’s why it’s essential to know what you should do to maintain german shepherds’ growth and what’s normal for them. This article will discuss everything you should know about a four-month-old german shepherd.

4 month old german shepherd Size: How big is a 4 month/16 week old german shepherd?

A 4 month old male german shepherd puppy should be 11-14 inches. Female german shepherds are smaller than male ones. 10-12 inches high and is normal for them. There is nothing to worry about if your puppy is slightly higher or lower in height. This can also slightly vary depending on the breed.

As a german Shepard puppy owner, it’s essential to know the normal size range in different ages. In 4 months, a german shepherd puppy should start growing drastically. The growth should start from 2 months, and the frequent growth should continue till 7-8 months.

Why knowing the normal size of a german shepherd puppy is essential? If your puppy’s growth gets slow, and you don’t have any idea about that, that can negatively affect your puppy’s adult size. However, if you know your puppy is not growing at a good rate, you can take steps like paying attention to his diet, nutrition and exercise.

You can fix the low growth rate by providing the right food and exercise. A german shepherd needs to be properly socialized and trained and keep in routine life.

4 month old german shepherd Height:

Check out the table to know the normal height of a four-month-old german shepherd.

4 month old german shepherd’sHight should be
4 month old german shepherd male11-14”
4 month old german shepherd female10-12”

4 month old german shepherd Weight: How much should a 4 month old german shepherd weigh?

35-40 lbs is a normal weight for a 4 month old german shepherd. Whereas a 4 month old female german shepherd should be 31 to 35 lbs. Weight is something you should maintain strictly. Good weight makes them look healthy but being overweight is more harmful to their health.

After one month, a male german shepherd puppy can be 5-8 lbs in weight. After two months, they become double the weight. The puppies continuously add more weight every month. But weight is not something they get from breathing. You need to feed them enough nutritious food for their rapid development.

Food with high protein and fat is essential for their proper weight development. But make sure your puppy is not too fat and within the safe weight limit. German shepherds are prone to many diseases. An overweight german shepherd has even more health risks than a fit one.

4 month old german shepherd weight:

4 month old german shepherdWeight should be
4 month old german shepherd male35-40 lbs
4 month old german shepherd female31-40 lbs

4 month old german shepherd Food

What to feed a 4 month old German shepherd?

Proper food is vital for young german shepherds. As they grow very rapidly in 2-7 months, they need food that provides high protein, fat and other nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12.

The easiest way to feed your german shepherd puppy is to feed him puppy food. There are three types of dog food in the market. The first one is called starter puppy food. The starter puppy food has a high protein and fat content that helps them grow in 1-3 months.

After three months, if your puppy grows properly, you can start feeding him puppy food.

Puppy food also contains a high amount of protein. But it is a bit hard to digest and essential for developing puppies’ digestive power.

After 8-9 months, you can feed your german shepherd adult dog food. After that age, the growth of the german shepherd gets slower.

If you can afford more time and effort on your puppy’s food, you can feed him homemade food. Make sure you focus on protein food and veggies. Homemade foods will keep them happy if you can maintain the variety.

How much should a 4 month old German shepherd eat?

2 cups of puppy food is good for a four-month-old German shepherd. You can split the food into three and four times and feed your puppy three and four times a day. You must know about your puppy’s food habits and his comforts.

Naturally, young german shepherds get hungry frequently, but if the puppy acts like he is always hungry, you should visit a vet.

It’s essential to feed your german shepherd in the same place in your house. Don’t just feed your puppy randomly.

4 month old german shepherd Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

A 4 month old german shepherd is in his juvenile stage. Although the puppy has grown a lot, most of its behaviors are like a puppy. At the same time, he shows some behavior like old dogs.

They are curious and fun-loving on the stage. You will need to spend enough time on its training at this time, or he will develop bad habits. Check out some common behaviors of german shepherds and how to deal with them.


German shepherd barks a lot if they find something suspicious, and their bark is uniquely frightening, and that can be very disturbing for someone unknown. When a German shepherd becomes about four months old, he starts burking like a normal german shepherd.

This is a tricky time, as you need to train your dog when to bark and when not to bark. For achieving that, proper socialization is essential. You need to go around lots of people and dogs so he can understand everyday situations. You should also know how to stop your dog from barking.


German shepherds are powerful biters. They tend to chew everything they get in front of them. You must train your puppy what not to bite and from 2 months. Provide him with many biting toys so he can play with them.


4 month old german shepherd can show aggregation on unknown people and dogs if you don’t teach him to meet new people and dogs. Young german shepherds often playfully show aggregation. If you are having trouble handling the aggregation of your german shepherd puppy, get help from a local dog trainer.

How much sleep does a 4 month old german shepherd need?

A 4 month old german shepherd needs to sleep 11-12 hours a day. Younger puppies sleep about 18-20 hours a day. Proper sleep is vital for their growth and brain development.

We know, puppies grow rapidly in the first few months. Good growth requires the proper nutrients and sound sleep. As puppies grow older, their sleeping time reduces slowly.

How much exercise for a 4 month old German shepherd?

20 minutes of exercise 2 times a day is enough for 4 month old german shepherd. In the first months of their birth, they need only 5 min of training twice a day. Add 5 minutes more every month.

Keep increasing the exercise time until it hits 45 minutes. An adult german shepherd needs 90 minutes of exercise daily.

Why is my 4 month old german shepherd ears not up?

4 month old german shepherd puppy’s ear can be floppy. Usually, they need 16-20 weeks to get their ears to park up. Sometimes they may need a few more weeks.

Moreover, one out of five german shepherds can have floppy ears even as adults.

How to train a 4 month old German shepherd?

German shepherds are the third-most intelligent dogs, according to dog phycologists. That means you can easily teach them commands and know the basics of training a dog. All you need to do is spend enough time with your pet and give attention.

The basic of training a dog is to reward him after he does something right. You need to reward the dog just after the curtain task you want the dog to learn. The reward must not always be food. It can be praising words or extra minutes of walk time. Here is some essential training you should start teaching your four-month-old german shepherd.

Potty train:

Go out with your puppy every two hours after waking up, eating and drinking. If the dog begins eliminating, choose a word you will use to command him to take care of business. After the puppy completes, treat him with his favorite food.


There is no doubt that the german shepherd is the most aggressive dog breed among the popular dogs. They need a lot of time and attention to socializing. You should take him to the park and let him play with other dogs from an early age. With proper training and love, german shepherds can be great companions.

Basic commands:

Focus on teaching you’re 4 month old german shepherd basic commands like come, sit, stay, stop, no etc. There are more than 30 commands you can teach your dog. But don’t teach him too many things at once.

Final Thoughts

35-40 lbs and 12-14 inches is the standard weight and size of 4 month old german shepherd. A 4 month old female german shepherd grows 10-12 inches in height and 31 to 35 lbs in weight. Focus on their growth, but mental development and training are equally important.