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4 Month Old Boxer: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

Among all the dog categories, the boxer is one of the most popular breeds in America. It is friendly and can give your child perfect company. Also, people love to have their boxer’s beautiful tongue since it has the longest tongue compared to other dogs.

But you need to wait for a bit longer to get the perfect natural boxer. It takes a little bit more time than the other dogs. But their behavior pattern and growing style are similar to the other typical dogs.

4 month old boxer Size: How big is a 4 month/16-week old boxer?

A 4-month or 16week old boxer is half big as the adult boxer. If you look at the weight and body structure, you will find the answer. Typically, a fully grown fighter is approximately 70lbs, whereas the 4-month old boxer puppies are only 30-35lbs. Your boxer is growing, and it is no longer a puppy.

If your boxer puppies pass 4-month age, you must be careful about their health, weight, and food. They need quality foods that are enriched with nutrients. The puppies are looking for better food and better sleep in the growing stage.

If they fail to get a sleeping place or perfect food, their growth will be stopped, and you can’t do anything about that. One more thing is crucial here: the boxer’s usefulness. Your boxer will be your best friend and will abide by your instructions.

So, you must give it proper training and bring the best intelligence from the boxer. It will help you to a great extent. You can control its behavior through appropriate training and affection.

4 month old boxer Weight: How much should a 4 month old boxer weigh?

A 4-month old boxer should be approximately 30-35 lbs. It’s the average size of a 4-month boxer; it might change due to food habits and exercise. If you provide enough food and proper exercise, the boxer will grow more and become the perfect puppy. However, the female boxer should weigh less.

According to American research, the female boxer for 4-month would be around 28-30lbs. It is less than the male’s weight, but it is normal, and you cannot expect the puppies to gain more weight than 30 to 35lbs. It will be the obesity symptoms.

In contrast, if you fail to provide enough food to your boxer, it will be underweight. So, you cannot give more food or can’t give less food; you must maintain a routine and give your boxer puppies the right amount of food.

The right amount of food will ensure the best growth. When your boxer gets everything, it will grow soon and will become the best healthy dog among the others. You will also love to see an animated boxer pet.

4 month old boxer weight:

4 month old boxerWeight should be
4 month old boxer pit mix male35-40lbs
4 month old boxer pit mix female28-35lbs
4 month old boxer lab mix male25-40lbs
4 month old boxer lab mix female25-35lbs

4 month old boxer Food

Now it’s time to get some food suggestions and the food amount for your 4-month boxer. These foods are highly popular among dog lovers.

What to feed a 4 month old boxer?

You can feed Royal Canin boxer puppy food to your 4-month old boxer. It will be the best food containing all the nutrients to help your boxer grow naturally. Also, you may provide the blue buffalo, which is also a favorite food of the boxer.

If you’re an expert and have had pets for years, you can also prepare the boxer foods at home.

But commercial foods are better if you don’t have any experience making boxer foods. You can also check the varieties of other foods for the boxer.

You will also get some instant and raw foods suitable for your boxer’s health. You don’t need to worry about the health damage.

How much should a 4 month old boxer eat?

A 4-month old boxer should eat three cups of food daily. But you need to give a small portion of the total amount at a time. You may offer three meals a day, and each meal should consist of one cup of food.

You can give your different puppy foods at different times. It will enhance the taste, and your boxer will also love it. Moreover, the boxer should never be fed 3 cups of food. You need to make a diet chart and follow it accordingly.

The chart must include different foods and offer them to your growing boxer. They must have all the nutrients to become healthy and grow naturally. Therefore, don’t just rely on one particular food; try to add some varieties.

4 month old boxer Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Four-month-old boxer puppies are mature enough to make them educated so that they can control their behavior like barking, biting, and aggressiveness.

Although Boxer canine conduct is invigorated and uncontrollable. We have shared a four-month-old boxer’s general behavior that will help you relate to your puppies.


Boxers generally bark to see any strangers or any other puppies. And it is one of the most common characteristics of a four-month-old boxer. But usually do not bark for any reason; they bark when they suspect or feel upset.


Play-biting is typical for all four-month boxers. However, if your doggy is showing genuine hostility, you must look for guaranteed help from the beginning.

These techniques are intended to prepare your puppy to stop typical little dog mouth gnawing.


Sometimes, boxers are forceful because it is essential for the variety’s particular instinctual conduct. It isn’t advanced yet innate after some time.

Boxers likewise will more often than not become forceful when they have not been mingled enough as young doggies. They show animosity toward different creatures and individuals since they are uncertain and apprehensive.

How much sleep does a 4 month old boxer need?

A 4-month old boxer needs 12-14 hours of sleep every day. They may split their sleep at night into two sections.

They will sleep for the first 4-5 hours and then awake and roam for half an hour; then, they will sleep for another 5-6 hours. That’s the ultimate sleeping cycle.

If your boxer sleeps less than 9 hours a day, you must check its health and consult with a vet. He will suggest the best remedy if your boxer has any physical problems. Maybe it needs some physical exercise or a change in diet. Change it accordingly.

How much exercise for a 4 month old boxer?

A 4 month old boxer needs 20 minutes of exercise per day. Because Boxer puppies are active even when they’re young, a 20-minute walk each day can be enough exercise for them.

Many people don’t want their dogs to do too much exercise now because it could cause joint and bone problems later in life. As they get older, the amount of exercise they need will increase.

A four-month-old boxer can walk for 20 minutes and cover 1 mile. A boxer can walk for five minutes per month of age (up to twice a day) until they are fully grown.

The equation is = Age (month) × 5. Following this rule, your 4-month-old boxer can walk 4 (months) × 5 = 20 minutes per day.

With your boxer, you can also go for the highest 30 minutes of walking every day. It will not damage your pet’s health; instead, your boxer puppy will love to accompany you.

If it comes to exercise, you should not cross the 20 minutes. After this time, your boxer puppy will be tired and fail to do any more exercise. It will need a nap or a long sleep right after the workout.

How to train a 4 month old boxer?

A few steps should be followed to ensure your puppy’s cooperative attitude to train a four-month-old boxer. Here we have shared some essential training guidelines that might help you educate your four-month-old boxer.

Potty train:

Your responsibility is to prepare your four-month-old boxer that going potty inside your house isn’t the okay way of behaving. You ought to attempt to pick one spot of your yard that will turn into his place to go potty.

This will assist with disposing of any risk of disarray and make it more straightforward for you to prepare him as well effectively.

Physical development:

With their chiseled features, muscular bodies, and square jaws, Boxers are the famous actors in the canine world. These attractive little puppies are known for their dependability, fast mind, and defensive nature.

However, these enchanting attributes likewise mean Boxer puppies have a couple of unique contemplations regarding preparing and socialization.

So we have to take care to increase their physical capacity so that four-month-old boxers can manage themselves.

Socialization is vital:

Four-month-old boxer canines need collaboration during the preparation process. As a general rule, Boxer puppies love to waste time, accompany other individuals, and need some amusement.

Whenever coordinated into the preparation climate, your canine will grow more capable. Four-month-old Boxers could do without being introverts. They need to associate with others very much like people.

Final Thoughts

A 4-month boxer might look like an average dog and weigh around 30-35lbs. It might be for the male boxer, but the female boxer’s weight will be about 28-30lbs. And the fully grown boxer’s weight would be around 70-80lbs. Therefore, the 4-month boxer will look half the size of an adult boxer.