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3 Month Old Husky: Weight, Size, Food & More

Huskies are among the superior breeds of dogs for their gorgeous appearance, temperament, endurance, and intelligence. It’s a dog that will draw people’s attention in no time. But keeping a husky is not easy, and you must do tons of research before getting one for yourself. 

This article will provide a complete guide through the size, weight, food, and training of a 3 month old husky puppy.

3 month old husky Size: How big is a 3 month/12 week old husky?

Both male and female healthy husky puppies will be 10” to 12” after 3 months or 12 weeks. They grow fast in the early stage of their life, so you need to keep track of their size. Proper size indicates their overall good health. Don’t worry if they are a bit smaller or bigger than that.

It is critical to keep track of the size of husky puppies as it’s the most important period of their growth. Just one month of growth stun can cause significant changes in their lives.

A 3 month old husky puppy should be 10 to 12 inches. Both male and female husky puppies should be the same size at puppyhood. And with time, male husky puppies will become slightly bigger than female puppies.

If your husky puppy falls under the 10”-12” range, you can be sure that you are doing everything well and that the puppies are getting the proper nutrients from their food.

Usually, you get a 2-month-old puppy from breeders or sellers. And it’s the first month after you bring the husky puppy into your home. So, it’s vital to ensure that everything is alright and the puppy is not having any health issues. 

The right size is a good indication of their excellent health.

3 month old husky Weight: How much should a 3 month old husky weigh?

A 3 month old healthy male husky should weigh 18-23 lbs, and a 3 month old female husky puppy should weigh 13-20 lbs in general. Male husky puppies are a bit heavier than female ones. There are different breeds of the husky, and the weight may be slightly different. 

The third month of husky puppies’ life is vital as they start adding weight at this stage. Generally, male husky puppies weigh 18-23 lbs, and female husky puppies weigh 13-20 lbs. That’s about 7-8 lbs more than the second month.

If your husky puppy has less weight, you should inspect their food and feed and find out the possible causes. A slight low or high weight should be fine, but if they are over two pounds higher or lower than the scale, you should talk to your vet for a solution.

Husky puppies are more sensitive than other dog breeds and need quality food for optimum growth. Be careful about their feeding schedule and make a strict routine as they are prone to digestive issues.

3 month old husky puppies start to become active and playful. But remember that their bones are not mature enough to bear all the puppy energy. So, keep an eye on their activity and exercise. 

3 month old husky weight:

There are different breeds of husky, and they can be slightly higher or lower weight than others. Here is the weight info of popular husky breeds.

3 month old huskyWeight should be
3 month old Siberian husky male20-30 lbs
3 month old Siberian husky female15-20 lbs
3 month old German shepherd husky male22-30 lbs
3 month old German shepherd husky female17-26 lbs
3 month old White husky male20-30 lbs
3 month old White husky female15-20 lbs
3 month old Alaskan husky male20-30 lbs
3 month old Alaskan husky female15-20

3 month old husky Food

Food and nutrients play the most vital role in puppy growth, therefore you should maintain good feeding habits and ensure quality food for your husky. In the following sections, check out what to feed and how to feed a 3 month old husky puppy.

What to feed a 3 month old husky?

Husky puppies need high-quality protein-rich food. They need more protein in their food as they grow up fast in the early stage of their life. So what are the best food options you can choose for your husky puppies?

The easiest way is to choose commercial kibble for your husky puppies. However, you must select high-quality kibble for your husky puppy. Most other dogs do well with the average quality kibble food, but huskies may not do that well. 

You will have to spend some more and get the premium quality kibble for your husky.

Another essential fact to remember is always to buy the food specially made for medium to large breed puppies. Different sizes of dog breeds have different types of nutrition and fiber requirements in their diet. Don’t feed your husky anything that contains wheat and corn.

You can also feed the wet puppy food. Your puppy may like the wet food more. Wet puppy foods have over 75 percent of water in them. Be careful about storing the wet food as wet food can get contaminated easily.

No matter what food you choose for your puppy, make sure the main component of the food is chicken, beef, or fish. If you want me to suggest one, I will tell you to pick the food with fish as the main ingredient as fish are rich in vitamins and minerals too, and huskies like them more.

How much should a 3 month old husky eat?

A 3-month-old husky puppy should eat about 2 to 2.5 cups of food a day. They are large dogs, so they need to eat less time than the smaller breeds. Divide 2 cups of food into three parts and feed them in the morning, afternoon, and night.

If your puppy shows signs of hunger, you can split the food into four parts and feed them four times a day. 

You can slightly adjust the amount of food depending on their activity level and hunger. Feed slightly more food on the days they stay more active.

3 month old husky Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Huskies can have aggressive and stubborn behaviors if you can not train them properly. You should start the training from the early stage of your life. Therefore the third month is crucial for their training. 

Read the following points to get a clear idea about the behaviors of a 3-month-old husky puppy.


Huskies are loud barkers, and their barking behavior will start appearing after 3 months. But they will still sound like puppies. You need to start training him to stay calm.


3 months is the tooth-building period of husky puppies. So, give them a lot of soft and hard-biting toys so they can bite those instead of your shoes.


Husky puppies will not be aggressive in 3 months, but lack of training can lead to aggressive behavior later in life.

How much sleep does a 3 month old husky need?

A 3 month old husky puppy should sleep 15 to 17 hours for proper health. They grow rapidly in this stage of their life. So they need a lot of sleep so their body can focus on growth and brain development. 

Huskies are pretty intelligent, and their intelligence level depends greatly on how good they learn in their puppyhood. They gather a lot of information when they are awake. And process the information when they sleep.

How much exercise for a 3 month old husky?

Huskies are very active, and sometimes, it seems like there is no end to their stamina. Husky puppies can also do quite a lot of exercise, but that’s risky. Husky puppies need a limited amount of light exercise like walking.

So, how far and long can they walk and exercise? They can walk for 12-18 minutes without any issue. Start walking from your home with the puppy and return after 6-9 minutes of walking

The bones of 3-month-old husky puppies are still under development, and too much exercise can be dangerous.

How to train a 3 month old husky?

Huskies are pretty intelligent, and it’s easy to train them early in life. But if you can not properly train them, they can become tough to control as they are known to be stubborn if they are not appropriately trained. 

So, you must follow a proper training schedule for your 3 month old husky puppies. Here are some tips for training your husky.


Consistency is key for training your husky. They are fantastic for understanding and following patterns. Keep them in a consistent environment and routine, which will help them learn what you want from them.


Treat them with good quality food when they do something right. It’s like a reward, so make sure your husky likes the prize.

Potty training:

Potty training your husky puppy is easier than other breeds. Take them to the place you want them to take care of their business several times a day. After waking up, after feeding, before sleep, etc. 

When they do the correct thing in the right spot, give them a rewarding treat and lots of cheer.

Final Thoughts

3-month-old male husky puppies should be 10”-12” and 18-23 lbs, while female husky puppies should be 10”-12” and 13-20 lbs on average. Don’t forget to keep track of their size and weight frequently as it is the most crucial time of their life. Don’t worry if your puppy is slightly bigger or smaller.