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3 Month Old Great Dane: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

The Great Dane is also familiar as the largest breed in the world. It originated in Germany and has become one of the most popular dogs in the world.

People love to raise great dane for different perspectives. They are protective and have a good reputation as family dogs.

If you ever had a pet dog, you can adopt a great dane. It will grow better if you can ensure the best moving space. They need a spacious place to live and roam around.

3 month old great dane Size: How big is a 3 month/12 week old great dane?

A 3-month-12week old great dane will be as big as 20 inches. It will look like a large dog and grow faster than the other species. If you have a 12 week old great dane, you must be careful about their growth. You cannot treat the dane like other slow-growing dogs. They need enough space to live.

Great Dane puppies are also not the same as the other puppies. They will require more food, water, and space to grow and live naturally.

They don’t like the small space since they can’t run at their will. A fully mature dane can run at 30 miles speed which is marvelous.

You must cope with their growth and offer the right amount of food. If they run out of food, it will directly affect their growth and create health issues.

Even though they are the highest growing breed and can run at high speed, they need more care, like more water.

You read that right. They need more water than any typical dogs; particularly, if your great dane runs for 5 to 10 minutes, you must offer sufficient water.

3 month old great dane Weight: How much should a 3 month old great dane weigh?

A 3-month-old great dane should weigh 25-45lbs. The weight depends on several factors, including training, eating habits, availability of foods, and enough sleep. If any of them is insufficient, your pet dane will not grow as it should be. To get the best growth of dane, give him/her enough food.

When you ensure the best food, you must be sure about the living place. You cannot raise your great dane in a cage and expect it to grow better.

They need space to run and build muscle; if you fail to provide enough space, they will be sluggish and fail to grow naturally.

If you look at their growth, you will find a gap between the starting and end of the third month. In the beginning, the weight of your Dane might be 25lbs, but at the end, it should be around 40 to 45lbs.

The gap is mainly for the inconvenient living place and the food.

If you adopt a large or big Dane, it might refuse to eat and play for a few days, affecting its body structure.

3 month old great dane weight:

3 month old great daneWeight should be
3 month old great dane male25-45 lbs
3 month old great dane female20-35 lbs

3 month old great dane Food

Your 3-month-old great dane should have the proper food in their diet chart. You can also consider the below foods.

What to feed a 3 month old great dane?

You can feed adult kibble and puppy kiddle food to your 3-month-old great dane. They are the best food source for growing a dane.

You can also consider feeding the raw diet to your great dane; otherwise, you can use the raw food and make the best food for your dane.

Since a great dane is a large and regular dog, you can use all the raw foods and feed your dane puppy.

It will not damage the health, or it will not face any problem with digestion. Also, they will extract the nutrients from raw and processed foods.

However, people mostly rely on processed foods or commercialized foods. You can go for them until they are natural and don’t add any extra chemicals.

How much should a 3 month old great dane eat?

A 3-month-old great Dane should eat 3-5 cups of food every day. You can offer 2 meals a day. These are the main meals; you can also add the treats and some snacks at other times. It would be better to offer 2 cups of food at a time.

Thus, you can offer 2×2 or 4 cups of food in two meals. The food amount might seem more than the other dog’s food, but it is the right amount. Because you’re dealing with the highest growing dog, they need more food.

If you fail to provide the required foods, you will fail to get the best growth. So, you must be careful about the food quality and ensure that all the nutrients are present in the purchased foods.

They will directly affect the excellent Dane health and create some growing issues.

3 month old great dane Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

You should know the meaning of your 3-month-old great Dane’s behavior. Why does it bark, bite, or is aggressive?


It’s well known that Great Danes like to bark. A 3 month old great Dane doesn’t bark unnecessarily. When a Great Dane is hungry, bored, sees something outside, wants to go for a walk, and many other things, they will bark.

It might be best to think ahead and train your dog to stop barking in this case.


Your 3 month old great Dane may start biting you because they want to get attention, and they are teething.

Some puppies like to bite and gnaw to relieve the pressure they feel on their teeth. This can help them relax.

Puppy bites can get worse if they try to find relief from the pressure. Puppies learn polite, gentle mouthing when they are taught not to bite.


This is when you must start working on your puppy’s socialization. Otherwise, it might begin to be a little bit aggressive.

The aggression can come if they are afraid. Puppies aren’t used to the world yet, so everything around them is new to them, too. Great Dane puppies can be afraid of new things, making them feel like they’re in danger.

How much sleep does a 3 month old great Dane need?

A 3-month-old great Dane should sleep for 18-20 hours a day. It might seem too much, but it is the ideal sleeping time for your great Dane.

But 15 hours a day might also be an excellent duration for Dane’s health. But the growth and healthy life of your great Dane will mostly depend on the sleeping time.

If it sleeps for 10-12 hours a day, it’s a concerning fact for you. You should check its health and be sure that it’s fine. There should not be any external threat or uncomfortable sleeping place.

How much exercise for a 3 month old great Dane?

Since it’s a large breed, the 3-month old great Dane must exercise for 30 minutes a day. But the time must be split in two. Each period should consist of 15 minutes, and your Dane must do various exercises during this time.

Among them, walking should be the priority. The first fifteen minutes should be allocated for walking. And, they can walk for 20 minutes without a break; they can go as far as 1 mile in that time.

After walking for a mile, you should give him/her rest or break for another 5 to 10 minutes. You may start the second period of exercising. It is also possible to do the morning and afternoon activities. Both the times are suitable for Dane’s health.

How to train a 3 month old great Dane?

Training your 3-month-old great Dane should be done in three methods. They are:

Potty Training:

You should start by picking a spot in your backyard where he can go to the bathroom there.

At first, you might start with not more than half an hour. When your puppy starts feeling comfortable, you might want to show it appreciation and care.

As a result, your Great Dane will be more likely to do the same thing when he needs to go to the bathroom.

Clicker Training:

It helps make your Great Dane follow your desired instructions and understand why he is getting paid.

Because the click-clack of the clicker is linked to the reward for good behavior, clicker training helps people learn how to do the things they want.

When you get what you want from your Great Dane, use the clicker to make sure it happens again.

Crate Training:

You can teach your dog to utilize a cage to have his place. You must keep it spacious.

Put your dog’s water bowl and toys in his crate. When you leave the house, please keep your pet here so he doesn’t destroy the house or chew things he shouldn’t.

You may close the door when he initially enters his crate. After some time, you can progressively extend his time in the box until he can sit for hours without complaining or getting tired.

Final Thoughts

The 3-month-old great Dane should take enough food to grow naturally. They will become as big as 45lbs, and they will be around 25lbs if you fail to give proper nutrients and high-quality food. And the rule of growth applies to both males and females. You must follow a diet chart to provide food.