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3 Month Old Golden Retriever: Weight, Size, Food & More

Looking for information on raising a golden retriever puppy? All the information you need to raise a healthy 3 months old golden retriever will be provided to you. Topics will include their weight, size, food, etc. Here’s everything you need to know about raising a Goldendoodle.

3 month old golden retriever Size: How big is a 3 month/12 week old golden retriever?

Typically, a 3 months old golden retriever measures between 15-20 inches in length. This is approximately 60% of the full-grown size of the dog. In the next few weeks or months, the size of Golden Retriever puppies may vary slightly. A fully grown golden retriever can reach a height of 25 inches.

People will say that a golden retriever is a medium-sized dog. There are three sizes of golden retrievers: toy, miniature, and standard. Golden retriever puppies usually grow to be smaller than their male counterparts.

3 month old golden retriever Weight: How much should a 3 month old golden retriever weigh?

Typically, golden retriever puppies weigh between 15 and 35 pounds at 3 months of age. This is approximately 40% of their full-grown weight. Individual puppies can vary in weight, as with any other animal. Fully grown golden retrievers could weigh as much as 70 pounds or more. 

Female golden retrievers’ range in weight from 15 to 30 pounds. This equates to roughly 60% of their total body weight. 

However, because golden retrievers’ rib cages are often wider than those of female dogs, the weight of some female golden retrievers may fluctuate significantly over time.

3 month old golden retriever weight:

3 month old golden retrieverWeight should be (pound)
3 month old golden retriever male15-35
3 month old golden retriever female16-25

3 month old golden retriever Food

Golden retriever puppies should be given high-quality puppy food that is specifically formulated for puppies. Kibble, Iambs, and Science Diet are three excellent puppy food brands. Vitamin supplements fortified dog foods should be avoided.

What to feed a 3 month old golden retriever?

A puppy should be fed two meals per day, with a large snack in between. Puppies of golden retrievers should be fed high-quality food that will provide them with the energy to play and explore. Adult golden retrievers consume approximately 25-30% of their body weight each day. 

A three-month-old golden retriever would consume approximately 6-8 cups of kibble per day.

Hay, fresh vegetables and fruits, and a small amount of meat are some general puppy food recommendations. You may want to gradually introduce more solid foods, such as kibble or a small amount of raw meat, as your puppy grows and develops.

How much should a 3 month old golden retriever eat?

The amount of food a three-month-old golden retriever should eat depends on the dog’s weight, activity level, and diet. A good rule of thumb is to feed your three-month-old golden retriever about two cups of food per day. This would include meals as well as snacks. 

If your dog consumes more than this amount of food, you can supplement it with nutrient-rich kibble to increase the caloric content.

Golden retrievers are a hearty breed that can easily overheat, so keep an eye on their weight and adjust their diet accordingly. Also, make sure they are fed regularly and have plenty of freshwaters available at all times.

3 month old golden retriever Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

One of the most common behaviors displayed by golden retrievers’ puppies is barking. They bark to communicate with their owners, to warn others of danger, and to communicate with one another. Golden retriever puppies are prone to biting and aggression.


Barking in three-month-old golden retrievers should be mild and sporadic. They may bark when they see a new person or animal when they are unsure or scared, or simply because they are happy to see you. 

A 3 months old golden retriever may occasionally exhibit louder barking as an expression of anger or fear.


Biting in three-month-old golden retrievers should be mild and sporadic. Puppies may bite when they are playful, excited, attempting to mark someone or something, or when they are angry. A 3 months old golden retriever may bite harder as an indication of aggression on rare occasions.


A 3 months old golden retriever’s aggressiveness should be moderate. A puppy may occasionally exhibit aggressive behavior by growling, biting, or swatting at something. 

Furthermore, if a three-month-old golden retriever becomes frightened during play, he or she may snap at the other dog.

How much sleep does a 3 month old golden retriever need?

A three-month-old golden retriever should sleep between 12 and 14 hours per day, as a general rule. If your golden retriever is not getting enough sleep, it may become irritable, have low energy, or become less playful. 

If you suspect your golden retriever isn’t getting enough sleep, you should consult with a veterinarian or a pet health specialist to rule out any medical issues.

Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that your golden retriever receives adequate exercise.  They should be given both physical and mental stimulation.

How much exercise for a 3 month old golden retriever?

A three-month-old golden retriever should get about 30 minutes of exercise per day. This can be divided into two 15-minute sessions or one 30-minute session. You could also try fetch or another game your dog enjoys. 

If your three-month-old golden retriever isn’t getting enough exercise, he or she may become aggressive with other dogs or show signs of boredom, such as chewing on objects excessively or being destructive.

A three-month-old golden retriever can typically walk about a mile and a half, but this distance will vary depending on the dog’s weight, age, and activity level. Furthermore, the walking ability of a three-month-old golden retriever is affected by the terrain on which they are walking. 

If you want to know how far and how long your 3 months old golden retriever can walk in ease, you should use a walking measurement tool like the Pet plan Activity Tracker.

What does a 3 month old golden retriever look like?

Golden Retriever puppies that are 3 months old will look very different from those that are 6 months old. The puppy will have learned how to play by now and will enjoy playing with you and the rest of the family. 

Its fur will be thick and luxurious, and its eyes will be bright and alert. A strong body will develop and its fur will be thick and luxurious.

If you have a purebred golden retriever, it is not unusual for the coat to retain its puppy-like fuzziness and cuteness. This may be cute in your 3 months old puppy, but he or she will soon leave a trail of fluff wherever they go. 

Your 3 months old puppy’s coat should be brushed at least once every week, preferably twice daily if they are as active with their brushing routine as you would like them to be.

How to train a 3 month old golden retriever?

Dogs of any breed can learn quickly if given the right commands and rewards. Golden retrievers are no different. To satisfy their need for attention, 3 months old golden retriever puppies require lots of verbal reinforcement. Here are some suggestions.

Potty train:

It is very important to establish good potty training habits for your 3 month old golden retriever when you first bring him home. 

The best way to do this is to take him on a regular morning walk and help him develop the concept that going potty outside is a necessary part of having fun during the day. 

Encourage him to use the bathroom before and after activities such as playing fetch or chewing on his toys once he has mastered going outside when asked.

Obedience Training:

Obey training your three-month-old golden retriever can be difficult, but with enough positive reinforcement and regular training sessions, he will soon be obeying your every command. Begin by teaching him basic commands like sit, stay, come, and down. 

As he gains mastery of these skills, you can progress to more advanced obedience exercises such as remaining calm in an unfamiliar environment or walking on a leash without whining.

Behavioral Training:

Behavioral training is another method for training your three-month-old golden retriever. This type of training focuses on teaching your dog how to behave in a variety of situations, such as meeting new people or going on car rides. 

To get the best results for your puppy, work with a qualified trainer.

Service Training:

3-month- old golden retrievers make excellent family pets, but they require extensive training. 

It can be difficult to progress from basic obedience and service training, such as responding to “sit,” “stay,” or “come,” to more advanced skills, such as walking on a leash without whining or remaining calm in a strange environment.

Final Thoughts

Overall, at three months of age, a golden retriever weighs between 15 and 35 pounds. He is approximately 15-25 inches tall. Golden retrievers eat a combination of dry dog food and fresh vegetables and fruits. A female golden retriever is smaller and lighter than a male.