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3 Month Old French Bulldog: Weight, Size, Food, & More

During the growth period of a French bulldog puppy, every month with its increasing age, its overall height, weight, and behavior change, as well as, its food habit and appetite.

Thus, if you have decided to own a 3-month-old French bulldog puppy, certainly you would want to know about his weight, size, food habit, and attitude during his 3-month-old period. 

Therefore, below a complete outline has been arranged with all common queries and answers regarding a 3-month-old French bulldog puppy. Let’s read it ahead to know the answers.  

3-Month-Old French Bulldog Size: How Big Is A 3 Month/12 Week Old French Bulldog?

All 3-month old French bulldog pups typically develop a certain size at their 3-month-old age at different rates. However, regardless of a male or female 3-month-old French bulldog pup, the size measured from the bottom up to its shoulder blades’ highest point ranges between 4-6 inches on average.

A French bulldog naturally is a small-sized dog that regardless of its gender in its ranking stage which starts from 3 months old/ 12 weeks old age, doesn’t really tend to get too much bigger in size from the time of its birth to the 3-month-old period.

Besides, even if it’s a 3-month-old French bulldog’s rapid development period, all the French bulldog puppies regardless of their gender grow at different rates and different sizes. 

However, regardless of gender, an average size of a 3-month-old French bulldog puppy is measured from the top of the ground to its shoulder blades’ highest point and this average size is about 4-6 inches (10-15 cm).

3-Month-Old French Bulldog Weight: How Much Should A 3-Month-Old French Bulldog Weigh?

The weight of a 3-month-old male French bulldog puppy typically ranges between 10 lbs-14 lbs, whereas, the weight of a 3-month-old female French bulldog pup ranges between 8 lbs-12 lbs. A female Frenchie pup has a smaller head and less muscles, so naturally it weighs less than a male Frenchie. 

A 3-month old male French bulldog and a 3-month-old female French bulldog puppy naturally weigh differently because male French bulldogs have bigger heads and more muscles than female French bulldogs.

However, at this certain 3-month-old age of both the male and female French bulldog, an approximate weight is measured.

A 3-month-old male French bulldog should weigh between 10 lbs to 14 lbs on average. And a 3-month-old female French bulldog should weigh approximately between 7 lbs to 12 lbs. 

Keep in mind that this given weight is roughly measured, so originally all French bulldog puppies may have a different growth.

3-Month-Old French Bulldog Weight:

3-Month-Old French Bulldog WeightWeight Should Be
3-Month-Old French Bulldog Male10 lbs—14 lbs (4.5 kg-6.3 kg)
3-Month-Old French Bulldog Female8 lbs-12 lbs (3.2 kg-5.4 kg)

3-Month-Old French Bulldog Food

What To Feed A 3-Month Old French Bulldog?

You are allowed to feed your 3-month-old French bulldog pup a wide range of food such as dog food, raw food, and human food. Here explanations have been added. 

Dog Food (Dry or Wet):

Feeding dog food to your 3-month-old French bulldog pup is the safest option of all if the dog food suits your French bulldog pup’s preference and health.

Dry dog foods are inexpensive and don’t let plaque build up in your pup’s teeth. 

On the contrary, wet dog food is an easy to chew food option for a 3-month old French bulldog, keeps the pup hydrated, and lessens the threat of urinary infection.

Thus, after consulting a vet, you can mix both wet and dry dog food and feed your 3-month old French bulldog. 

Raw Food:

You can feed raw food to your 3-month-old French bulldog pup but you must make sure the raw food you are feeding him is preservative-free, has no additives, or fillers. 

There should not be any bones and the meat should be cooked/boiled/steamed properly before feeding a 3-month-old Frenchie.

Human Food:

Human food such as berries, apples (no seed), mango (no pit), bananas, cantaloupes, and watermelon (no seeds), broccoli, Brussel sprouts, carrots, celery, peas, and sweet potatoes make safe snacks for a 3-month-old Frenchie.

You should feed these fruits and veggies in bite-size pieces. And you must avoid feeding avocado, cherries, raisins, grapes, limes and lemons, and onions to a French pup. 

Also, you can feed peanut butter, yogurt, and cheese in small portions. Plainly cooked chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, tuna, and rice are the best human food to feed a 3-month-old Frenchie in its daily diet. 

How Much Should A 3-Month-Old French Bulldog Eat?

A 3-month/12-week-old French bulldog puppy should eat 1.5 cups of dog food every day that should be divided into half a cup of food in a three-time meal for each day.

You can feed this amount of food in a two-time meal every day as well but feeding as a 3-time meal is best. 

However, don’t overfeed your 3-month-old Frenchie than this amount of food, otherwise, he will be overweight.

3-Month Old French Bulldog Behavior: Barking, Biting, And Aggressiveness 

Below a 3-month-old French bulldog pup’s overall behavior such as barking, biting, and aggressiveness have been shortly for your better understanding of its personality. 


Naturally, French bulldogs are not loud barkers. Thus, a 3-month-old Frenchie pup isn’t likely to bark too much or too loud.

However, due to their natural dog instincts, a 3-month-old Frenchie will bark when he is excited, playful, has seen/met other dogs, or to relieve boredom. 

French bulldog puppies are prone to undergo from preparation anxiety, so if a 3-month-old Frenchie is left alone for a long, he will bark to relieve stress or convey his anxiety.


The teething phase of a French bulldog pup starts at the 3-month-old time, so naturally a 3-month-old Frenchie will bite on literally anything they see as at that time they are exploring the surroundings through their mouth. 

Apart from the teething phase, when a 3-month-old Frenchie is going through separation anxiety, it will bite and chew on anything to release its anxiety. 


 A 3-month-old French bulldog puppy is not supposed to be an aggressive pup, rather he tend to be a naturally friendly, social, and affectionate pup.

However, due to improper socialization, careless breeding, past trauma, or territory/ resource guarding, a 3-month-old French bulldog can show real aggression at times. 

How Much Sleep Does A 3-Month-Old French Bulldog Need?

A 3-month-old French bulldog puppy will be needing around 18 to 19 hours of sleep every day, sometimes a 3-month-old Frenchie can sleep even longer time.

Remember that a 3-month-old Frenchie pup’s sleeping habit is different from an adult Frenchie, so it will sleep more.

How Much Exercise For A 3-Month-Old French Bulldog?

A 3-month-old French bulldog puppy will be needing a total of 15 of minutes of exercise every day.

Since Frenchie pups are prone to undergo from joint pain, 15 minutes of exercise each day is sufficient for maintaining their good health and keeping them mentally and physically stimulated. Do not make a 3-month-old Frenchie over-exercise. 

Why Is My 3-Month-Old French Bulldog Ears Down?

French bulldogs are born with floppy ears, so until teething development starts, a 3-month-old French bulldog pup’s ears may stay down. 

However, it totally depends on the overall development of a French bulldog puppy, if the development is faster and better, a 3-month-old Frenchie may have erect ears. If the development is moderate or poor, a 3-month-old Frenchie will have floppy ears.

How To Train A 3-Month-Old French Bulldog?

Here are a few ways to train a 3-month-old French bulldog puppy. 

Potty Train: 

First, you must designate one specific area whether be it inside or outside and stick to it until your 3-month-old French bulldog pup gets habituated to this area as its pooping or peeing spot.

Then you must make sure to take him to that specific spot every 2 hours because Frenchie pups can’t control their pee any longer than 2 hours. 

Also, supervise your Frenchie pup’s body language to understand when he needs to use the bathroom. 

Crate Training: 

After bringing home a 3-month-old French bulldog pup, introduce him to the crate slowly by feeding him in his crate, tossing treats or toys in the crate, and making him sleep in the crate.

Make sure to keep the crate in a relaxed and quiet place, and do not let a 3-month-old French pup stay in the crate for more than 10 minutes each time during its training. Later, increase the time gradually. 


Training your 3-month-old to be social is essential, and you can start this training by exposing your Frenchie pup in your household first.

Then, start to take him for a walk in the nearby park for exercise, to meet people and other dogs. You can take him for a ride as well with you. 

Teaching Basic Commands: 

Training your 3-month-old French puppy includes teaching basic commands too. By keeping the teaching session short and effective, you can start teaching one command at a time for 5 minutes in each teaching session.

With a firm voice, you must command your French pup to sit, to stop, to stay still, to come, and to become quiet. You can use treats and plenty of praises during the training to make him stay calm. 

Final Thoughts 

A 3-month-old French bulldog will have an average height of 4-6″, an average weight of 10-12 lbs (male), and 8-12 lbs (female). It will be needing to feed 1.5 cups of food every day as a 3-time meal and can be fed both dog food, raw, and human food. Also, it’s prone to sleeping 18-19 hours a day.