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2 Month Old Pitbull: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

If you have a 2-month-old pitbull puppy, you should know the pet’s weight, size, food, and training requirements. They will help you to make a friendship with your puppy and allow it to grow naturally.

Whether you are adopting or raising a puppy at your house, you must know how to deal with it. The pitbull puppy is still a baby, requiring a little extra care. You should wisely choose the food, training, and sleeping place.

2 month old pitbull puppy size: How big should a 2 month old pitbull be?

A 2-month-old pitbull should be around 10-12 inches and look like a puppy. But, it’s not the average height. The average size of a 2-month old pitbull should be around 5-15lbs. It’s applicable for both the male and female pitbull. You cannot differentiate them while they are puppies.

But the 2-month old American pitbull terrier is shorter than the typical pitbull. If you compare the 2-month old American bully pitbull, you will get a clear difference. Their growth is prolonged, and they will fail to grow like the others because of nature and weather.

In contrast, the blue nose pitbull grows better than the American pitbull. A 2-month or 8-weeks old blue nose pitbull weighs around 10 pounds, and their height is 9 ½ inches. So, a better size pitbull that people mainly adopt.

The red nose pitbull becomes larger and will be around 18-22 inches when they are fully grown. If you love to see a fast-growing and beautiful pitbull, you should adopt the red nose pitbull.

Remember, you have to carefully choose the pitbull because they are different, and their nature is also not the same as the other dogs. In Particular, their food habits and sleeping methods are entirely different from those of other mature dogs.

2 month old pitbull weight: How much should a 2 month old pitbull weigh?

A 2-month old pitbull weighs around 5-15 lbs. The pitbull should be approximately 10 lbs, and the weight is for both make and females. If you have both genders of pitbull, you won’t get any weight difference between them until they become adults. You should give them enough food to grow better.

Mainly, the average height and weight of the pitbull remains the same for the male and female gender. They grow until they are adults. You will get different weights and sizes once they reach their best growth position. And the time will be after they are one year old.

Besides their growth, you will also find different types of height depending on the pitbull types. You will get an American pitbull, blue nose pitbull, and red nose pitbull. They are the most popular among the others.

Pitbulls grow higher than the American pitbull with the red nose and blue nose. If you love the highest growth pet, you should avoid adopting an American pitbull and go for the red or blue nose pitbull.

The American pitbull is also beautiful, and they look like the others, although the blue and red nose pitbull are the most interesting because of their appearance. But they genuinely don’t have any other differences.

So, you can adopt anyone according to your choice. It will be the best choice to adapt them according to your interest.

2 month old pitbull weight:

2 month old pitbullMale weightFemale weight
2 month old American pit bull terrier5-15 lbs5-15lbs
2 month old American bully pitbull5-20 lbs5-20lbs

2 month or 8 week old pitbull puppy food:

If you have a 2 month or 8-week old pitbull puppy, you need to make a proper diet chart and give the right food according to weight and height. Gender is not a primary concern here.

What to feed 2 month old pitbull?

You can feed kibble, wet food, or commercial dog food to your 2-month old pitbull. It will get the perfect nutrients from these food sources, and you don’t need to worry about anything else.

All the above foods are safe, and the manufacturers maintain the AAFCO rules and regulations.

The puppy’s food can be made at home. You can use different raw foods or buy some foods from the local pet shop to make the meal at home. But the risk will be yours. You must maintain the AAFCO instructions if you want to raise your puppy naturally.

However, you must avoid feeding your little puppy any grown-up or too many raw foods. They might fail to digest correctly and will face stomach issues. So, carefully choose the food and feed according to the diet plan.

How much should a 2 month old pitbull eat?

A 2-month old pitbull should eat around 2 cups of food daily. It’s the main meal; you may also add some other snacks if your pitbull needs them.

But you should never feed all the food at a time because the health will be in danger, and the growth will be stopped. You must ensure that your puppy is burning calories regularly to avoid obesity.

You may also make a chart of different foods and mix them to create an excellent meal. The little pitbull will also love to eat the mixture of these foods together. It will give you the right choice, and the perfect food amount will ensure natural growth.

2 month old pitbull behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

Eight weeks or two months after birth, a variety of common characteristics of a pitbull affect its next ages because the habits of this time have to be carried on in his later life.

So for your convenience, here are some of the characteristics of a two-month-old pitbull that may indicate his barking, biting, or even aggressive attitude.


Whenever your pitbull arrives at 2 months, these vocalizations will begin to transform into barks.

However, each canine comes at achievements at its speed. Generally, they bark when they express their excitement during play, tell you something, or if bored during meals.


Two months old pitbull is sometimes biting because they are not mature enough at this stage.

Because they are staying with their littermates or mom at this age, they do not learn when they need to bite or when they do. So it can be said that they get annoyed and take small bites.


Two-month-old Pitbulls are trying their current circumstance and being fun-loving. They are not too aggressive.

They are usually very agile at this age which often leads to aggressive behavior, but at the same time, in any unforeseen situation, they become aggressive.

How much sleep does a 2 month old pitbull need?

A 2-month old pitbull needs to sleep for 18 hours a day. It should be their normal sleep cycle. If you see that your puppy is sleeping only after 5 minutes of playing, there is nothing to worry about the puppy’s health. It’s a typical characteristic of all pitbull puppies.

They tend to sleep more than mature dogs, and sleep helps them grow naturally. Too much sleep is why your 2-month old pitbull requires only 2 cups of food.

How much exercise does a 2 month old pitbull need?

A 2-month old pitbull needs 15-20 minutes of exercise. It depends on the type of exercise. If you intend to play with your puppy, you can play for more than half an hour, but the physical activity should never exceed the 15-20 minutes limitations.

The more you play with your pitbull, the more it will be tired. Therefore, it might fall asleep soon, even if you won’t have enough time to feed your pitbull enough food. Consequently, you must be careful about the time and don’t exceed the energy limit of your pitbull.

But you can do some mental exercise and help your pitbull act like a social being. The mental exercise will help the pitbull become intelligent and follow your instructions better.

How to train a 2 month old pitbull?

Two-month-old pitbull usually need much training because they are uneducated in potty training, barking, biting, and whatnot.

So if you can train them in these things, they will become mature and be able to react appropriately at any moment. Here we share something that might help you train your puppies properly.

Potty training:

To train a two-month-old pitbull, you need to train them on potty training because pee and poop management is an excellent matter of managing parenthood.

Mark their place for peeing and pooping and after a while they will go to that place on their own.

You will never again need to stress over them whenever you can do these things.

Training on bites:

You ought to provide her with a choice to mouth on, then leave the room and quit collaborating with her.

She will sort out rapidly that when she plays excessively unpleasant and utilizes her teeth, you won’t play with her any longer. If you do it in a few days, she will be fine.

Activity management:

Sometimes, two-month-old pitbull show aggression toward the stranger or their surroundings. You also need to teach them to avoid aggression so that anyone can not feel scared or hamper their regular activity.

Final thoughts

The average size of the 2-month old pitbull will be around 5-15lbs despite the gender. It will look like a bit of a puppy, not a mature one. So, you must give it proper food enriched with nutrients and help the pitbull grow naturally. You may also provide enough water and play for 20-25 minutes.