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2 Month Old Golden Retriever: Weight, Size, Food & More

Owning a dog isn’t just about taking its photos. You have to take care of a lot of things starting from monitoring the dogs’ growth to their food habits and more in between. 

And if you’re a parent of a 2-month-old golden retriever your responsibilities escalated as this dog breed requires much more attention to become a happy and active family pet. 

Here is a guide that includes the weight, size, food, and more life detail about a 2-month-old golden retriever so that your puppy can’t complain!

2 month old golden retriever Size: How big is a 2 month/8 week old golden retriever?

A 2-month/8 week-old golden retriever’s size, whether male or female is almost the same until they are on the 9th week. A male 8-week-old golden retriever is 6 inches to 15 inches tall. A female 2 months old golden retriever to has the same size. their size varies as they grow older.

The golden retriever is a popular dog breed. They are fluffy, adorable, and have a strong appearance that comes with a medium height.

But they aren’t seen in their standard size until the dogs are fully grown. Male or female, both golden retriever puppies are the almost same height in their early days.

The size of golden retriever dogs isn’t the same in males and females when they are all grown up. A male golden retriever is larger and bigger than a female dog but in.

However, the Golden retriever puppies have some size no difference before they reach the 9th week. 

A 2-month/8-week-old golden retriever whether male or female is 6 inches to 15 inches tall in size. Though male golden retrievers are bigger than the female ones, at an early age female golden retrievers get taller quicker than the males.

2 month old golden retriever weight: How much should a 2 month old golden retriever weigh?

The weight of a 2 month/8 week old golden retriever is different depending on its gender. A male golden retriever in its 8th week weighs from 1.3 kg to 7.7 kg. On the other side, a 2-month female golden retriever can be 2.2 kg to 7.7 kg. However, the size may vary due to genetics. 

A golden retriever is loved for its nature. As a bonus, the golden retriever has an attractive look and heavyweight that changes with its growth and adds charm to its look.

The weight of a golden retriever who is on its 8th week or 2 months is not the same depending on their gender. A 2-month-old male golden retriever is at least 1.3 kg and it can weigh up to 7.7 kg. On average a male golden retriever puppy is 4 kg in weight.

A 2-week/2-month-old Female golden retriever’s average weight is 4.5 kg and they can be anywhere from 2 to 7.7 kg.

2 month old golden retrieverWeight should be
2 month old golden retriever male4 kg on average
2 month old golden retriever female4.5 kg on average

The weight of golden retriever puppies is not always the same. It changes as they grow older. 

2 month old golden retriever Food

What to feed a 2 month old golden retriever?

The golden retriever is one of the most active and smart dog breeds. Since they are trainee dogs, their diet must include foods full of different types of nutrients.  

The food habit of a golden retriever dog is different in their different stage of life. According to their activity and health requirements, the food option for golden retriever puppies must include fat, amino acid, and much protein.

You can feed a 2-month-old golden retriever various dog food specially made for puppies. Dog food is full of high protein and other nutrients; thus it can satisfy the need of a puppy golden retriever. 

Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy, Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy, etc. are a few premium grain diets you can give your 2-month-old golden retriever.

Besides, they can be fed meals that include, fruits, vegetables, and meat, in a small quantity. 

How much should a 2 month old golden retriever eat?

A golden retriever breed dog that’s just 2 months old should be handled very carefully. Since this is their growing age, you should monitor their eating habit and portions of every meal.

The golden retriever is a beautiful dog breed that comes with intelligence too. To keep it at its best energy, following a proper diet is mandatory. Especially their calorie intake must be monitored.

A 2 month old golden retriever’s nutrients need for each day is around 2200 calories. This can be covered if it’s fed 3 times a day that’s 1 and a half cups of food.

However, the calorie requirement might change according to the size and health status of a golden retriever puppy.

The food amount must include at least 25% of protein, 12-18% of fatty acids, and amino acids for the puppy’s good growth.

2 month old golden retriever Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Golden retriever dogs are happy, energetic, and friendly. But that’s not all obviously. Like any other dog breed, golden retriever dogs’ behavior too has some natural traits such as barking, biting, or getting angry or aggressive. 

It’s important to know your 2 month old golden retriever’s behavior in brief to avoid any further problems. 


Puppy golden retriever mostly bark when it’s curious. Also often, they bark when they are looking for some pampering, adore, and your attention. Their barking isn’t harsh or too loud. 


Golden retriever puppies at 8th week age doesn’t bite that much. At this stage, they are enough friendly with the owner, and its mother, and familiar with its life routine. Even if it does sometimes, it might want to play or got threatened. 


Golden retrievers are calm and gentle. So for a 2 month old golden retriever, it’s rare to become aggressive. When they do their body language indicates it.

Usually, a puppy golden retriever gets aggressive over food or during play if poked. An aggressive golden retriever puppy will widen the eyes, show teeth, growl, freeze up and bark generally. 

How much sleep does a 2 month old golden retriever need? 

Puppies are sleepy-head. They love to take naps and sleep whenever they like. It’s necessary for their proper growth to get a certain amount of sleep. A good amount of sleep also takes care of their brain and mind and keeps them fresh always. 

Golden retriever dogs need a good sleep cycle and duration. A 2-month-old golden retriever puppy needs to sleep 18 hours a day at least. It can extend more depending on the intensity of the puppy’s training, playtime, and exercise.

How much exercise for a 2 month old golden retriever?

To keep your golden retriever puppy fit, you should get used to some light exercising. It helps the little dogs to stay strong and active. Moreover, regular exercise makes a golden puppy a better trainee later.

Exercising for a 2-month golden retriever includes walking and playing sessions. A 2 month old golden puppy can walk for up to 15 minutes. But the distance should not extend more than half a mile at this age.

A 2 month old golden retriever dog should have 10 to 15 minutes of exercise every day. You can divide the timing and let them exercise twice a day as well. But at least 5 minutes of exercise is a must for a 2 month old golden retriever puppy.

How to train a 2 month old golden retriever? 

The golden retriever is a dog breed that’s popular for its training skills. By nature, these specific dog breeds are more intelligent than many other dog breeds. Moreover, they love to function thus getting them trained is fun.

Here’s how to train a 2 month old golden retriever:

Potty Training:

Firstly, buy a crate and introduce your puppy to the crate as soon as possible. Keep the gate of the crate open and place it in a spot permanently, as the same spot will build trust in the puppy.

Take the little retriever to the crate in its usual potty time and if you continue doing so for a number of weeks and multiple times in a day, the puppy is good to go.

Skill training:

It’s not uncommon for to puppies grow different habits and learn new skills. From standing on legs to responding to a specific sound, you can teach a lot to that puppy.

Try to teach one small skill at a time. Rewarding is a good way to keep him eager for the learning process.

Leash training:

It will help your puppy to be easier to carry along. Use the right material and keep the leash not so tight around the neck; bring the puppy outside regularly.

If you keep the puppy on a leash and promote the same routine, the puppy will learn its expected behavior on the leash.

Final thoughts:

A 2 month/8 week old golden retriever dog’s size and weight is different in male and female. a 2 month old male golden retriever weighs around 4 kg and is 6-15 inches tall. Whereas a female golden retriever’s weight is 4.5 kg on average with a size of a minimum of 6 inches tall.